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BEST OF 2017: Best Shows, Best Songs, Best Albums, Best Moments, Best Photos, Best Friends.

by • January 4, 2018

The SIGT family includes everyone we meet at shows. The “I” in Shows I Go To represents all of us. It’s everyone who listens to music and goes to shows as a way of dealing with dark times, bright times, or just time. It represents those that just want to go out and have a good time with friends. It represents the person who goes to shows alone. It is here to serve everyone who loves music.

Thank you for a wonderful 2017 year. Cheers to 2018! celebrates Five Years in 2018!

SIGT Family Presents: Best Shows of 2017, Best Songs of 2017, Best Albums of 2017, Best Moments of 2017, and Best Concert Photos of 2017. (Click here to skip to the photos.) Cheers!

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SIGT Holiday Photo 2017

Mitch Foster —  Founder/Publisher

Mitch Foster Shows I Go To

Best Shows

Best Albums of 2017

  • Mount Eerie — A Crow Looked At Me
  • glassJAw — Material Control
  • Foo Fighters — Concrete and Gold
  • Richard Edwards — Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset.
  • Brand New — Science Fiction

Best Moments

  • The feeling at the end of my best day of the year — Producing Ten10Fest 2017
  • Planned Parenthood Benefit w/ Pathos, Pathos — February 10, 2017
  • Selling out our second year of one of the coolest things I’m a part of — INSPIRE: Orlando, August 10, 2017 — and, our curator, Kristin Porteous winning “Artist Of The Year!”
  • Cooking breakfast for our camp at Okeechobee Fest every morning, and for every band who stayed at the SIGT house this year!

Best Local Central FL Releases

I’m so grateful to be a part of this beating heart in Orlando and Central FL. These releases are in no particular order. Something I missed or maybe haven’t heard about? Email me!

Best Songs of 2017

These ten songs anchor my 2017 year. They articulate where my head and heart swayed the past twelve months. Please take a quiet 47 minutes and feel what I feel. The order is carefully selected to take you on a similar journey. Weed helps.

1. Sun Kil Moon — “God Bless Ohio” — I don’t know anyone who shares a story like Mark Kozelek. His previous album was on my “Best Of 2016” list. In addition to the beguiling bass line, his lyrical gift cures better than any doctor:

“There is healing in writing poems
There is healing in psychotherapy
There is healing in taking walks along the beach
But never underestimate the healing of music.

Some songs are funny and some are sad
Some are short, some are long
There is nothing as healing and powerful
As the power of song”

2. Mount Eerie — “Seaweed” — This song is from my best album of the year (also, according to Danny Brown). This song is about his wife who passed away from cancer, which was discovered while in the hospital subsequent their first and only child. The entire album was performed on his wife’s instruments. This song will tear you apart.

3. FayRoy — “Pui De Drac” — This is a Romanian phrase which directly translates to “Devil Of A Boy.” When speaking to FayRoy’s singer, Zack Hoag, about the sorrowful fate the character portrays, he shares the track is intended to be “a confessional for a vampire talking about pursuing a victim. Like, romantic but macabre  … A fucked up infatuation.” It lures me in and makes me feel comfortable exposing my neck. What a brilliant creation. Fucks me up.

4. Richard Edwards — “Moonwrapped” — After Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, a divorce, and a life-threatening stomach disease, Richard Edwards creates his most vulnerable beauty piece.

“Don’t cry ’cause in the next life there ain’t no stomachs and love don’t die, it moves through time (forever). Where it’s always true”

5. Lillie Mae — “Loaner” — The first time Lillie Mae piqued my eardrums, she performed onstage as part of Jack White’s band in Jacksonville in 2014. Keeping her close, and discovering her solo career, I was eager to listen to her first full length, Forever And Then Some. It reached deep inside and dug its claws into every heartbreak I’ve ever had (and this sad emo kid has some deep scars). This song is about a similar heart.

6. Brand New — “Can’t Get It Out” — The underlying battle of self-worth (and realization we are nothing) shakes anxiously throughout. It stirs something inside me, layered unlike anything I’ve heard from Brand New. I expect confidence but this is pure defeat. It’s like they saw the future. And it invites me to scream. “Were you one of the cured kids?”

7. Frightened Rabbit — “How It Gets In” Featuring Julien Baker — Two of my favorite sad songwriters share the mic. They kiss and compliment “to invisible lovers, opened by instruments, closed by a thread.”

8. Tim Kasher — “Messes” — Aside from Cursive and The Good Life, Tim Kasher consistently creates great solo albums. This one is intended to be listened to in order, pointing out reprises and preludes like a screenplay. “Messes” takes a knife against marriage, the nuclear family, and how we drive down a messy road in life, unsure of the upcoming curve so we aim for safety.

If there’s a reason we exist, Surely, I’ve been blowing it … A new generation of little shits … It’s all a bit suspect”

9. Father John Misty — “Pure Comedy” — The first time I heard this song was in a hotel room with Joshua Tillman … on acid. He hugged me and I’ll never forget it. This was April 30th, 2016 after his sold out show at The Beacham in Orlando. I remembered the last line and it hauntingly followed me everywhere — “I hate to say it, but each other is all we got.” It remains my favorite song on the album. 

10. The National — “Day I Die” Sleep Well Beast is The National’s darkest album to date. The lyrics center around crumbling marriages. He wrote with his wife about the daily struggles and bigger picture issues they encounter in a partnership. This song almost didn’t make this list. I just couldn’t stop the speakers in my head and the flickering screen of my past loves—“Let’s just get high enough to see our problems … The day I die, The day I die, Where will we be?”

Marshal Rones — Special Guest Contributor


Best Shows

  • (4/02) WRESTLEMANIA – Camping World Stadium / The Citrus Bowl
  • (10/27–10/29) THE FEST – Multiple Venues in Gainesville, FL
  • (4/08) Owen w/ Multiple People – The Social
  • (1/03) Punk On The Patio: 1 Year Anniversary featuring Pathos, Pathos w/ Luvlost, and A Wolf In The City – The Patio
  • (8/07) INVALIDS w/ Letters To Part, I Met A Yeti, and Fuzzy Weekends– 64 North

Best Albums

  • Oso Oso — The Yunahon Mixtape — I lost count how many times I listened to this a LONG time ago. If you haven’t heard this release (or the 2015 release Real Stories of True People, Who Kind Of Looked Like Monsters) and are a fan of any melodic emo or indie stuff this is definitely for you.
  • The Woolly Bushmen — Arduino — Imagine hot-boxing a time machine with your favorite Rock and Roll, Soul, and Rockabilly Icons.
  • Able Baker Fox — Visions —Members of two of my favorite bands (The Casket Lottery and Small Brown Bike) made this record, so I may be slightly biased … but this album is awesome on every level!
  • Heart Attack Man — The Manson Family KILLER ALBUM!!! Don’t put this on unless you’re ready to rock and crank your volume up to 11.
  • Sincere Engineer — Rhombithian. — My girlfriend started blasting ‘Ceramic Tile’ in my car on a daily basis back in October. Next thing I knew I couldn’t get enough. Supremely underrated album, don’t sleep on this.

Best Moments/Surprises

  • Watching Majority Rule, City of Caterpillar, Grade, Able Baker Fox, and the final You Blew It! Show at The FEST!
  • Getting Drunk with Mike Kinsella (Owen) and talking shop.
  • The Punk On The Patio: 1 Year Anniversary – Still can’t believe this happened (and that the 2 Year Anniversary is January 2nd, 2018). I’ve said it a thousand times, and I’ll say it a thousand more… Thank you, everyone who has played, attended, or supported the event in any way. It was NOT easy to get this insanity approved, but I never gave up on doing this (and doing it all MY WAY). It’s thanks to all of you that it’s still happening now <4 (heart +1)
  • American Party Machine putting Donald Trump through a table at the February Edition of Punk On The Patio.

Best Songs

* Please note, all of Marshal’s lists are in no specific order. #MarshalLaw <4

Sarah “Sweaty Septum” Schumaker — Editor & Author

Sarah Schumaker Shows I Go To

Best Shows

  • Young The Giant — Okeechobee 2017
  • The Districts — The Social June 2017
  • Ryan Adams — Gasparilla April 2017
  • Pathos, Pathos — The Social October 2017
  • Diet Cig — Will’s Pub April 2017
  • Manchester Orchestra — House of Blues October 2017

Best Albums

  • Stranger In The Alps — Phoebe Bridgers
  • Ctrl — Sza
  • Popular Manipulations — The Districts
  • Damn — Kendrick Lamar
  • A Black Mile To The Surface — Manchester Orchestra

Best Songs

1. “Scott Street” — Phoebe Bridgers

This song follows a boring conversation between two ex-lovers but it’s in the drollities of life you feel the distance between two people who once shared this love. And it’s in the simple call and response that the most heartbreaking points in the song lie. In the question,

“and what about the band?” He said they’re all getting married. 

As if to say, they’re all moving on … aren’t we all …

Phoebe is able to unstitch wounds in one phrase and it all ends with, “Anyway, don’t be a stranger.”

Not giant wounds but rather, paper cuts. Past loves who still itch to the surface, who appear out of nowhere, who cannot love you, but cannot let go … so they burrow.

2. “Broken Clocks” — Sza

I’ve paid enough of petty dues
I’ve had enough of shitty news
I’ve had a thing for dirty shoes since I was 10
Love dirty men alike.”

Sza’s endless flow wraps you in its perfect combination of cute and sexy, complicated head space and does not relent. She’s spent years experimenting with her sound, trying to figure out what kind of artist she was…or if she was an artist at all. Ctrl showed us she is most definitely a timeless artist. “Broken Clocks” perches itself in the middle of the album and serves as a turning point of sorts for the girl to woman, love to heartbreak, self-love journey Sza takes us on throughout the record.

I moved on for the better
You moved on to whoever
I was down for whatever and then some
You gon’ make me late to work again.”

It’s all of these high and lows in four minutes, which we all experience in a relationship and life in probably about the same time span. This song, and the whole album, shifts underneath of you as you listen; breathing, sighing, crying out. It will continue to grow with you for a long time.

3. “The Maze” — Manchester Orchestra

The opening track to A Black Mile To The Surface was surreal live when they played to a sold out crowd at the House of Blues in Orlando this past September. MO is meticulous live. It’s like watching Barcelona FC play. Pique plays it through to Suarez (who manages not to bite anyone,) who feeds it to Lionel Messi making a through run down the center and toys with the keeper until placing it perfectly in the back of the net as barcelona betting odds increase. It’s sickly clean and makes you feel invincible.

Also the best lyric of the year,

There’s nothing I’ve got when I die that I keep
It’s amazing.” 

4. “Bodak Yellow” — Cardi B

It’s about time an outspoken woman was on top. It has been an incredible year for Cardi B and it has been impossible to escape this song, not that I’ve tried. IT KNOCKS.

5. “Stale / Rotten / Beat To Hell / No Good” — Pathos, Pathos

Lucky Charm was yet another home run for the Orlando boys and the first track off the four track snack is every bit sour as it is sweet. Self-loathing takes a beautiful form in the bright tones and wit throughout the song but perhaps, my favorite part is when Walsh’s voice breaks as he sings,

YOU said, I won’t be denied by you
No I’ll give you my all
I won’t be despised by you
You’re my baby doll.”

My mantra going into 2018: “Well, that’s just disco, baby.

6. “With You” — Twin Peaks

7. “Latch” — Disclosure/Sam Smith

8. “Right Now” — HAIM

9. “Hard Feelings/Loveless” — Lorde

10. “Salt” — The Districts

11. “Only Love” — Anjelica Becton

12. “The Weekend” — Sza

Notable Mentions:

  • “26” — Paramore
  • “Chanel” — Frank Ocean
  • “Appointments” — Julien Baker

Best Surprises/Moments

  • Talk With Your Hands/Gary Lazer Eyes/Anjelica Becton House Show. Anjelica hails from Melbourne, FL and is ready to break your heart. 2018 is going to have you eating Mangoes again.
  • The packed out Social crowd screaming, “I’M NO GOOD!!!” back at Pathos, Pathos. Those boys are on top and are not stopping any time soon.

Jason Earle — Senior Author & Podcast Director

Jason Earle The Marinade Podcast Shows I Go To

Best Shows:

Best Albums

1. Jason Isbell — Nashville Sound

Nashville Sound has one blemish, a fact that clearly illustrates how good Isbell is right now. The lyrics of ‘Anxiety’ are too on the nose. Musically, it’s a special song. Lyrically, it is kind of silly. Otherwise, the third of Isbell’s fully sober records is flawless. Starting with Southeastern, moving through Something More Than Free, and culminating with one of 2017’s great records, Isbell keeps getting better.

“White Man’s World” is one of the most aggressive songs this author has ever heard. The ability to make such frustrations melodic and communicate it meaningfully is the result of years of improvement. Isbell always had the talent, this record is the solidification of his progress as the best living songwriter in the world.

2. Micah Schnabel — Your New Norman Rockwell

Schnabel’s solo record is hard to swallow because it is so real and wildly honest. This is where Schnabel is at his best. As a guest on The Marinade with Jason Earle, he opened up about his own anxieties and the challenges he sees people struggling with in his part of the world.

He paints a picture of small-town America as heartbreaking as it is authentic. Schnabel is a thoughtful, honest guy- a person of conviction who practices what he preaches. Songs like the title track and ‘Hello, My Name is Henry,’ wrench the listener with stories of loss and suffering. Ostensibly, Schnabel’s tone is not particularly hopeful. But, the fact that he took chances on this effort shows there is hope, for art at least.

3. Kendrick Lamar — Damn

‘Sit down/be humble,’ goes Kung Fu Kenny’s first single from another brilliant album. The message would be clear without video accompaniment. Of course, Lamar is not content to be left for our interpretation. He insists on enlisting the likes of Don Cheadle to star in the stirring video.

Lamar continues to create important, cohesive works while remaining easily digestible for the masses. Shake your ass, but listen to what King Kendrick is saying.

4. Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires — Youth Detention

Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires Youth Detention: Nail My Feet Down to the Southside of Town

The best, most important record of 2017 was several years in the making. Lee Bains III was inspired by the shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in 2015. Bains told The Marinade with Jason Earle that, on paper, Brown looked a lot like Bains at that age. Bains realized he did not ever really worry about getting shot by the cops, not as a white, middle-class male.

Youth Detention tackles white privilege, race, and class with courage and poetry. One of our biggest criticisms of Bains and the Glory Fires is that the music is turned up too loud for his punishing, brilliant lyrics to come through clearly. On Youth Detention he gives us tales of a black girl being told she’s ‘just too loud’ in class and confesses he does not ‘want to be a whitewash/don’t want power over anybody/don’t want dominion over anyplace.’

The whole record is breathtaking. Bains was reading objectivist poetry when he wrote the songs that would become Youth Detention. One of the literary tricks the objectivists used was to take a line of poetry and rearrange the letters to create a new line just underneath. The album title does exactly that.

Works like this, double albums that rock and take on issues of social justice with poetry are difficult to get right. Bains not only gets it right, he and the Glory Fires have made the most important work of 2017.

Others We Loved:

  • The Mountain Goats — Goths
  • Hiss Golden Messenger — Hallelujah Anyhow
  • The Weather Station — The Weather Station
  • Ryan Adams — Prisoner
  • Susto — & I’m Fine Today
  • Cory Branan — Adios
  • Jackie Stranger — Another Girl Who Broke My Heart
  • Steve Earle — So You Wanna Be an Outlaw

Best Songs:

  • Jason Isbell — “White Man’s World”
  • Cory Branan — “Another Nightmare in America”
  • Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires — “Whitewash”
  • Amanda Palmer — “Mother” (Pink Floyd cover)
  • Micah Schnabel — “American Throwaway”


Trevor Bosmans — Senior Author/Eisley’s Dad

Trevor Bosmans Shows I Go To


Best Shows

  • Arcade Fire — USF Sundome September 22,2017
  • Descendants — House of Blues Orlando, October 20, 2017
  • The Damned — House of Blues Orlando, May 12, 2017
  • At the Drive-In — House of Blues Boston, March 25, 2017
  • The Avett Brothers — House of Blues Orlando, May 25, 2017

Best Albums

  • Haim — Something to Tell You
  • Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett — Lotta Sea Lice
  • The War On Drugs — A Deeper Understanding
  • Kendrick Lamar — DAMN.
  • Lillie Mae — Forever and Then Some
  • Royal Blood — How Did We Get So Dark?

Best Songs 

  • Royal Blood — “How Did We Get So Dark?”
  • At the Drive-In — “Incurably Innocent”
  • Kendrick Lamar — “ELEMENT.”
  • Haim — “Little of Your Love”
  • The War on Drugs — “Strangest Thing”
  • 311 — “Wildfire”
  • The Killers — “Run For Cover”
  • Queens of the Stone Age — “Like a Haunted House”
  • Fleet Foxes — “Third of May / Odaigahara”
  • Eisley — “A Song for the Birds”

Best Moments/Surprises

  • Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas Show — Hard Rock Live Orlando, November 30, 2017
  • Lady Gaga — Amalie Arena Tampa, December 1, 2017
  • 311 Private Show presented by Rock Brother — The Ritz Ybor, February 28,2017
  • War on Women — Warped Tour Tinker Field Orlando June 30, 2017
  • Save Ferris — BackBooth Orlando, February 22, 2017

James Strassberger — Author and Photographer

James Strassberger Shows I Go To


Best Shows

  • Muse with special guests 30 Seconds to Mars -Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, May 20, 2017
  • Green Day – Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL, Sept 3, 2017
  • State Champs – The Beacham, Orlando, FL, May 5, 2017
  • Lindsey Stirling – St.Augustine Amphitheatre, St. Augustine, FL, Nov. 25, 2017
  • Colin Hay – Plaza Live, Orlando, FL, Feb. 20, 2017

Best Albums

  • NF  — Perception
  • Kendrick Lamar — DAMN.
  • The Killers — Wonderful Wonderful
  • Gorillaz — Humanz
  • Ed Sheeran — ÷

Best Songs 

Best Moments/Surprises

Ariel Rivera — Editor, Writer, Photographer/Lemon’s Mom

Ariel Rivera Shows I Go To

Best Shows:

Best Albums:

  • Science Fiction — Brand New 
  • This Old Dog — Mac Demarco 
  • Homie — Chon 
  • A Black Mile to the Surface — Orchestra 
  • Locket — Crumb

Best Songs:

Best Moments/Surprises:

  • Seeing Johnny from the Drums cry on stage while reminiscing on his Orlando memories 
  • Seeing New Found Glory take down the house three days in a row at The Social, playing all their old-school hits. 
  • Being backstage at Self Help Fest and debating whether or not the guy next to me was Aaron Gillespie or not … he was. 
  • Sneaking through the backdoor of Beacham where I was seeing Minus the Bear to catch Tortoise at The Social, which to my surprise turned out to be a way more impressive show. The band members switched instruments for every song and it blew my mind. 

Josh Jauz — Author

Josh Jauz Shows I Go To

Best Shows: 

  • King Crimson at Center Stage Theater Atlanta
  • HUM at FEST16
  • The Flaming Lips at House of Blues Orlando
  • Iron & Wine at The Beacham
  • Daikaiju at St. Matthew’s Tavern

Best albums:

  • Space Drifter — Bernelius 
  • Planet Fun — Velocirapture
  • Las Napalmas — Aiming for Enrike 
  • The Endless Shimmering — And So I Watch You From Afar 
  • MOSAIC — 311

Best Songs:

  • “Voodoo Queen” by Bernelius
  • “IAMU” by King Complex
  • “A Slow Unfolding of Wings” by And So I Watch You From Afar 
  • “The Clarity” by Sleep
  • “Adaora” by Jidenna 
  • “Slug Bite” by Velocirapture
  • “The Seven” by Primus
  • “Acoustic Levitation” by Devin the Dude
  • “LOVE.” by Kendrick Lamar featuring Zacari
  • “Same Cloth” by Top Floor

Best moment:

  • Watching HUM from side stage at FEST16.

Randy Cook — Author & Photographer

Randy Cook Shows I Go To

Best Shows

  • Metallica – Soldier Field, Chicago – June 18 & Camping World Stadium, Orlando – July 5
  • Paul McCartney – Amalie Arena, Tampa – July 10
  • Iron Maiden – Amalie Arena, Tampa – June 11 & Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, Chicago, June 15
  • Slayer & Lamb of God – St. Augustine Amphitheater, St. Augustine – July 21
  • Soundgarden – Amalie Arena, Tampa – April 28

Best Albums

  • Body Count – Bloodlust
  • Power Trip – Nightmare Logic
  • Obituary – Obituary
  • 3TEETH – Shutdown.exe
  • Havok – Conformicide
  • Metallica – Master of Puppets (remastered)* (this gets an asterisk as it is not a ‘new’ release, but it’s the defining album of my metal upbringing back in the 80’s. The remastered sound just takes it to whole new level for me so it would be just wrong for me NOT to include it)

Best Moments/Surprises

  • Seeing Paul McCartney and Roger Waters on back to back nights – 2 living musical legends – 2 amazing shows.
  • Within a 7 day period I saw Iron Maiden here in Tampa, 4 days later saw them again up in Chicago, then 3 days later Metallica lit the Chicago night afire with their massive stage show – it was a pretty freaking epic metal week.
  • Seeing what turned out to be one of Soundgarden’s last shows. For some reason nearly half the crowd had left 98 Rockfest before headliner Soundgarden came on – thereby allowing us a vastly improved seat location. But it was baffling how a good portion of the crowd decided not to stay and see the band that influenced most of the ‘newer’ bands that had played earlier in the day. After the show we said it was …’their loss…’ but then soon after tragedy struck and we were all at a loss for words.
  • Seeing Slayer and Lamb of God absolutely blow the f*cking roof off of the St Augustine Amphitheater. I would love to see them tour together again. This show was my longest ever road trip there and back in a day for a concert and so totally worth every minute of driving time (7 hours total there and back).
  • Seeing Queensrÿche out on the beach behind the Tradewinds Resort on St. Pete Beach. Perfect weather made this show an absolute enjoyable time and I hope it starts a new trend of shows at that (pseudo) venue.

Garrett East — Director of the Calendar of Shows

Garrett East Shows I Go To

Wow, this was a pretty difficult list to write, only because there has been so much amazing music to come out in 2017. This has been a particularly interesting year for me, musically, as well, with my usual hip-hop and punk music being joined by Jason Isbell and Ryan Adams, evidence of my new found love of Alternative Country and Americana. As America, and my life, is going to shit around us, I have been turning more and more to music to help me get through just daily life, and not so much for just pure enjoyment.  While I’m hoping this is just a phase that we’re all going through, remember that there should always be a safe place in music, whatever you listen to. Anyway, here’s to a shitty 2017, and to a hopefully brighter 2018, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Best Shows:

  • Band Of Horses — House of Blues, Orlando
  • Touche Amore (Headlining/Opening for Thursday) — Will’s Pub/House of Blues
  • The Psychedelic Furs — The Hard Rock Live, Orlando
  • The Hotelier — Backbooth, Orlando
  • Squirrel Nut Zippers — House of Blues, Orlando

Honorable Mentions: Here Come The Mummies and Dumpstaphunk at Pisgah Brewing Co, Asheville; and The Flaming Lips at House of Blues, Orlando.

Best Albums:

  • The Menzingers — After The Party
  • Jason Isbell — The Nashville Sound
  • The National — Sleep Well, Beast
  • Kendrick Lamar — DAMN.
  • Sorority Noise — You’re Not As ___ As You Think
  • Ryan Adams — Prisoner

Honorable Mentions: Gorillaz—Humanz, Slowdive—Slowdive, and Beck—Colors.

Best Songs:

Best Moments/Surprises:

  • Seeing Chris Cornell’s final Florida show before his tragic passing.
  • Seeing The Flaming Lips, in general, but also having crazy flashbacks to Riot Fest last year.
  • DMX’s Spotify Single cover of “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer”
  • King Crimson covering “Heroes” live
  • Jason Isbell’s sharing a Tiny Desk Concert

Chris Miglioranzi — Photographer & Videographer

Chris Miglioranzi Shows I Go To


Best Shows:

  • Young The Giant — Okeechobee Fest
  • Gallant — Bonnaroo
  • American Party Machine — Backbooth
  • Rich Chigga — Venue 578

Best Albums:

  • DAMN by Kendrick Lamar
  • Saturation by Brockhampton
  • Freudian by Daniel Caesar
  • After Laughter by Paramore
  • Melodramatic by Lorde

Bonus: Merry Christmas Lil Mama by Chance the Rapper & Jeremih

Best Songs:


Best Photos of 2017

Featured Photographers:

  • Douglass Dresher
  • Chad Andrew Pearce
  • James Strassbegrer
  • Vanessa Rios
  • Jenn Ross
  • Brian Schanck
  • @gtdmouse
  • Matthew Wright
  • Jeff Nickel
  • Aaron Wockenfuss
  • Carolyn Dentz
  • Lindsay Bondinell (Tompkins)
  • Ariel Rivera
  • Nia Garza
  • Randy Cook
  • Valerie Niager
  • Amanda Lindsey

Best of 2017 list edited by Mitch.

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