Sadie Hawkins Dance LIVE REVIEW, PHOTOS & VIDEO w/ SugarPlum, Zoya Zafar, RV & Pathos, Pathos | Will’s Pub, Orlando, FL | February 10, 2017

by • February 23, 2017


Thank you to Zoya Zafar, for whom we built this show around. Whose quiet candor makes me catch my breath every time I hear her dark, ethereal voice. You will always have a stage with us. You are timeless.

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Thank you to Sugar Plum, whose kindness is just as sweet as her sound. Orlando, and the world, is ready for you. (And thank you for rocking a tie/jacket/suit pants/Converse combo better than anyone I’ve ever seen.)

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Thank you to RV, whom I had never seen prior to this event but, will now do my damnedest to never miss the great show they put on. Your music is a beautiful escape.

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Thank you to Pathos, Pathos, who share something so special every time they perform. Who make my muscles sore from dancing and who have left my heart in bits on the floor of every venue around town.

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Thank you to Matthew of The Vinyl Warhol who is a compass for the Orlando music community. You are a true guide to the unfounded heroes. Thank you to Will’s Pub for being a home to all who seek a creative outlet and cheap drinks. Thank you to Planned Parenthood and all who help make this amazing organization a safe haven for ANYONE who needs services. We will continue to fight for you.

Thank you to Mitch (fucking) Foster who could not possibly have the slightest clue just how much he positively affects every person he interacts with on a daily basis.

And, oh wow, holy cow THANK YOU to every soul who bought a ticket, donated to the cause, took a silly picture, danced to the great music, and woke up with a love punch hangover. You all rule. Together we made a difference and had a damn good time.

 And of course, a huge thank you to Jordan of Gnarly Visual who enjoyed the show from a different view. Your patience and technical skills helped to capture every deliciously tipsy, candid moment. Enjoy!

SADIE HAWKINS DANCE 2017 photo booth pics <3

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Lastly, a thank you to Don Schumaker, who makes my space in this world as a woman so much safer. I am your daughter and that is very cool.

(An afterword taken from a Facebook comment by my Father the day after the inauguration.)

And I am so proud to be your dad, Sarah! Just like I am so proud of your sisters, your mother, your grandmothers, your nieces…Strong women. Strong people. I see all of you in the wonderful pics and videos from around the world. Yesterday a man told you how awful this place is and how he would save it (and you) by himself. Today you and the women of the US and the world (and we, the men who support you) stood together in person (as well as in thought and prayer) and shouted back, “No. WE are the real United States, we are the world, and we will, and always will, work together to make it even stronger…despite you.” …You told him loud and clear America is…always has been…and always will be great…with or without him. Me? I know it’s a really great place and I am blessed, but I think today after what I saw on TV and the internet in towns and cities (even in subzero weather) in red states and blue states and in countries big and small, it is definitely better than it was yesterday and with support from you, Sarah, and all of my wonderful women, I sure am looking forward to tomorrow, etc.! Love you all.

Sadie Hawkins Dance LIVE REVIEW, PHOTOS & VIDEO by Sarah Schumaker.

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