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Stream: Pathos, Pathos ‘Lucky Charm’ EP | Release Show at Will’s Pub, Sunday, July 30

by • July 25, 2017

“Well, that’s just disco, baby…”


“I know you are not me.”

“Will I meet you on the other side?”


Pathos, Pathos bypass our dermis once again and seep directly into our ventricles with Lucky Charm. Witty, sickeningly clear and fleshed out music you won’t be able to stop dancing to. Perfect parts sour rim and cool sugary contents within. The ORL indie rock trio are masters of the crystalline chorus, a hook you’re happy to hang on, even while watching yourself(pity) bleed out.

Pathos Pathos Lucky Charm EP Release Show Wills Pub

The four song EP is the elusive perfect night out. You wear practical shoes which, still render you fashionable by all your friends who care about that sort of thing. They compliment your “panache this evening.” This is “Stale/Rotten/Beat To Hell/No Good.” You have enough money in your bank account to buy a drink! (Or two!) You do that thing where you’re present in conversations and people appear to respond positively, even when you say, “I’m not really into Game of Thrones, but the cinematography seems pretty dope. Dragons and sh*t.” You don’t leave your card at the bar! This is “Covered In Moonlight.” Triumphant, you hit the dance floor and really go for it for one last song.

Your Uber driver makes a less than desirable comment about Planned Parenthood and pantsuits, but even that doesn’t ruin your high. This is “Past of Our House.” You get home and fall asleep immediately. A well fed baby Panda kind of slumber.

You wake up and realize the night wasn’t a fever dream. “Will I Meet You” begins your day with dreamy ideals, albeit nags of reality kicking in. Pathos, Pathos confront mortality and legacy on the gorgeous closing track.

My family name dies with me. That’s never scared a man like it terrifies me. In a world that’s procreate or deteriorate…alone…”

Walsh has one of those voices which keeps you from crying because you feel so recognized, validated, and heard within its powerful, delicate balance. (Which really makes you want to cry! UGH!) The song continues to weave plucked chords and tender whispers around this idea of an afterlife. Will we meet the ones we love on this other side? If we don’t find love in this life, is it waiting for us over there? Are our friends going to be there still trying to get it together? Do we ever figure it out?

It’s in their moniker. They promise emotion, not answers. The beauty is in the confusion, in the feeling of simply feeling alive and brave enough to get the absolute crap kicked out of your heart and put it right back in your chest. Lucky Charm is the best companion along the way for when we take what we’ve accidentally packed and move away, or up, or wherever the hell(probably) we’re going.

Pathos, Pathos have made the Orlando scene come alive in the past couple of years. Every show is high energy, heart pumping, wall-to-wall dancing with fans singing back the words. The City Beautiful wears its Pathos pride voraciously, knowing full well we’ll be singing these songs in rooms far and wide outside of FL lines. 

Stream the EP exclusively below>>> 🙂


AND hear the new tunes LIVE Sunday July 30 at Will’s Pub for their official release show w/ Someday River, A Wolf In The City, and Talk With Your Hands.



Flipper’s Pizzeria will be providing some good bites for the first 50 people through the door! Get there early and get ready to dance!

Pathos have joined Pineapple Records Co. to help release this delicious bite. Pre-order vinyl + CD + digital HERE. Available everywhere July 28. 

Stream Pathos, Pathos EP Lucky Charm by Sarah Schumaker

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