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BEST OF 2018: Best Shows, Best Songs, Best Albums, Best Videos, Best Friends.

by • January 14, 2019

Now 2018 is burning in our rear-view, here’s our humble attempt to quantify it.

SIGT Family Presents: Best Shows of 2018, Best Songs of 2018, Best Albums of 2018, Best Videos of 2018, and Best Videos of 2018.

The SIGT family includes everyone we meet at shows. The “I” in Shows I Go To represents all of us. It’s everyone who listens to and feels music and goes to shows as a way of dealing with dark times, bright times, or just time. It represents those that just want to go out and have a good night with friends. It represents the person who goes to shows alone. It is here to serve the community and especially everyone who loves music.

Mitch Foster —  Founder/Publisher

Best Shows of 2018

Best Albums of 2018

1. TEEN AGERS — When We Were

I’ve never cried so hard listening to an album. This comes from a pit of the heart many never even know exists. 

When your best friend dies, a part of you dies. When three of your pals die in a year, something different happens inside you. You can’t leave the house. You can’t win wars in your head. You fucking cry and can’t fuck and lose blood.

I’ve never cried so hard writing.

I feel every emotion simultaneously like falling into a pit of hungry jellyfish — the initial catch is soft and for a moment you’re going to be okay, but then the pain hits all at once and you don’t know where to focus.

Yes I self-abusive. I’ll take my time with it until I make my way to you.

After all, we are all insane. After all, we are all just lunatics.

Coming to grips with insanity is possibly the most intense feeling of living. I wrote something earlier this year about this, “It’s so strange to look madness right in the eye, acknowledge it, and choose to calmly walk away.”

This is my favorite album of 2018 and it will always be a part of my growing heart.

2. Andrew W.K. — You’re Not Alone

This album saved my life.

Music makes life worth living // Music is worth living for.”

This is honestly the best self-help rock opera that exists. The spoken word tracks alone can change your entire perspective. I used to date a girl who had “perspective” tattooed on her. Seeing it every day was really the first time I began to understand the true meaning of the word and the undeniable power you have to change everything. Listen to this:

3. Bahamas — Earthtones

Oh yeah, mmmm, the sweet earthtones coming through the shitty speakers in my car all year have been very kind. I bought this CD at Park Ave CDs and it remained in my car for months. I can’t count how many people asked, “damn, who’s this?” before I replied with a smile. This is some of the best driving music and it helps me think a lot. Give it a listen.

4. Death Cab For Cutie — Thank You For Today

I bought two copies of this. One for me. One for my roommate at the time, Brad. We’ve danced to DCFC together before and I’m truly thankful for him. He helped me through 2018 as much as he could and I’ll never forget how many times I’ve said “Thank you for today.” 

This album helped me through a break up with someone who I allowed to hurt me and then they cut me out of their life without any offer of resolution. I’m okay now, I’ve settled down and regained control. Some of these tracks haunt and heal me. “I dreamt we spoke, I dreamt we spoke again…” echoes many relationships and ghosts in my head. The drums on “Summer Years” are absolutely brilliant and terribly fun to replicate. “When We Drive” is a situational specific healer.

I can’t expect you to be honest.
Or be faithful every day till the end.
I just need you to be always a friend.”

The person I was with wasn’t honest. Nor faithful. But I still needed them to be a friend. And, they are still not. Maybe they’ll grow up and settle down and change, or just leave town …

When the curtain falls on the album closer with “60 & Punk” it’s a perfect nostalgic DCFC bow. “There’s nothing elegant in being a drunk. Nothing righteous being 60 and a punk. But when you’re looking in the mirror do you see that kid that you used to be?”

5. Amigo The Devil — Everything is Fine

Everyone is born with self-worth, how easily it turns to doubt. It takes letting go of what we know we can’t live without.” I let go of Shows I Go To this year. I knew it was something I couldn’t live without. I lost myself. I lost my head. And “losing is fine.” Because I found myself. I found the hope that was lost. Half of the songs on this album aren’t exactly “new” but they are all re-recorded and perfect. Danny (Amigo The Devil) is a friend in my heart till the day I die.

Important Mentions: 

  • Father John Misty — God’s Favorite Customer
  • Foxing — Nearer My God
  • Arctic Monkeys — Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino
  • Anderson .Paak — Oxnard
  • IAN SWEET — Crush Crusher
  • Starbenders — Julien EP

Best Central FL Releases of 2018

Please note: These releases are in no particular order.

I’m so grateful to be a part of this beating heart in Orlando and Central FL. Something you think I missed or should have made this list (maybe haven’t heard about?), email me!

Best Songs of 2018

These ten songs anchor my 2018 year. They articulate where my head and heart swayed the past twelve months. Please take a few minutes and feel what I feel. The order is carefully selected to take you on a similar journey. Weed helps.

1. Evan Taylor Jones ft. Trenard Allen — “Spare Some Love” — The first time I heard the sweet sound of this masterpiece, I was sitting comfortably in Evan and I’s old living room, on a couch, sharing a joint. I’ve always loved new things he would show me, but this thing … this lovely thing, mends my broken soul and fills the hole in my heart full with honest love. 

It’s also really rad that Evan and his brother (Trenard) recording their first song together in 8 years.

2. Amigo The Devil — “Cocaine and Abel” — I’ve fallen asleep listening to this on repeat, woken up, and kept going. It’s endlessly satisfying and nothing speaks more direct and firm to my soul.

The distance from the man that I am, to the man I want to be. The time is takes to realize ‘time’ is the distance I need.

3. Andrew W.K. — “You’re Not Alone” — The final and title track on the album, “You’re Not Alone,” spoke to me in a simple yet firm way not to kill myself. I’d had enough. I was going to hang myself in my garage. I bought a rope on I learned how to tie a noose. I started cleaning my house and packing my things. I was done. I was ready to give up. In short, Andrew WK said NO. 

(And the drums on this song rule. Fair warning, the video is a little creepy.)

Your journey’s not over
It’s just begun
Make your dreams
Your destiny
And do what must be done

4. Bahamas — “Alone” — I still can’t believe he didn’t play “Alone” at his show at The Social. That’s the best fucking song on this album! Close your eyes, hear this, and tell me if you’re not in a full fucking groove by the end of this song. 

Yes, men and women are equal. But we’re not the same.”

5. Universal Funk Orchestra — “On The Rise” — This band blows my mind. I’ve seen them almost every time they’ve performed and it truly continues to exceed my already high expectations. Try to wrap your head around this insane guitar solo. What an incredible way to start a hip-hop/funk/jazz/banger!

And, this video is my favorite thing released in Orlando this year. Love the shout out to Gary Lazer Eyes in the beginning (they share a saxophone player!).

6. Boygenius — Me & My Dog — Brokenheart supergroup, Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus mended heads all fall when they broke the news of their project. I adopted Evan Taylor Jones’s dog earlier in 2018. He’s my actual best friend. I’ve never had a dog of my own, and while he isn’t all my own, he’s everything. He thinks considerately and practices patience and loves unconditionally and so much, unlike anything I’ve ever met. His name is Ali Muhammed. He has an instagram.

I wanna hear one song without thinking of you
I wish I was on a spaceship
Just me and my dog and an impossible view”

Sarah Schu — Editor

Sarah Schumaker 2019

I think I spent a lot of 2018 thinking I was sad when I wasn’t. Or maybe I was. I barely remember the year.

Here’s what I do remember.

Best Shows

  • Pathos, Pathos Goodbye Show — Will’s Pub (so much love in one room. We all kissed each other musically this night)
  • Post Animal — Will’s Pub
  • Rainbow Kitten Surprise — The Beacham
  • Sir Sly — Florida Man Music Festival (my favorite surprise of the year!! Can’t wait to catch him again!)
  • Chicano Batman — Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival 2018 (r.i.p.)

Best Albums:

  • Soccer Mommy — Clean
  • Anderson .Paak — Oxnard (baby brought it home)
  • Talk With Your Hands — Life is Fair
  • Snail Mail — Lush
  • Boygenius — Boygenius

Best Songs:

  • Ariana Grande — “Thank u, next” this song covers death & love AND I’m dancing? Okay, thank you, forever.
  • Soccer Mommy — “Wildflowers”
  • Pathos, Pathos — “It’s Easy” (unreleased) I had the chance to help write this song with one of my best friends and it was the most amazing process ever!
  • Rainbow Kitten Surprise — “Polite Company”
  • 1975 — “I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)”

I’m excited for 2019. I’m excited for tomorrow, for the first time in a little while.

Thank You Shows I Go To. You’re the start of everything I’ve ever loved about Orlando. I fell in love because of you, got free drinks because of you, fell in love again because of all the free drinks in my system because of you. I’m emotionally spent, and I’d still give it all for this thing. THANK U 2018. THANK U SIGT.

Sean Gray — Staff Writer

Sean Gray 2019 Shows I Go To

Best Shows

  • Fleet Foxes — Fillmore Miami
  • Dr. Dog — Plaza Live
  • Allen Stone — The Beacham
  • Sandy (Alex G) — The Social
  • Rainbow Kitten Surprise — The Beacham

Best Albums

  • Golden Hour — Kacey Musgraves
  • Good Thing — Leon Bridges
  • How To Friend, Love, and Freefall — Rainbow Kitten Surprise
  • Swimming — Mac Miller
  • Critical Equation — Dr. Dog

Best Songs

  • “Golden Hour” — Kacey Musgraves
  • “Shy” — Leon Bridges
  • “Franny” — Magic City Hippies
  • “Bubblin'” — Anderson .Paak
  • “Small Worlds” — Mac Miller

Randy Cook — Staff Writer/Photographer

Randy Cook Shows I Go To

Best Shows

Josh Jauz — Staff Writer

Josh Jauz 2019

Best Shows:

  • 1. Matt Talbott (HUM) living room show – Chicago, Illinois
  • 2. Paul Simon Farewell Tour – Amway Center – Orlando, Florida
  • 3. YOB with Bell Witch – Soundbar – Orlando, Florida
  • 4. Sleep with Quintron – Variety PlayhousePlayhouse – Atlanta, Georgia
  • 5. Torche with Electric Dawn, Royal Graves, and Moat Cobra – Will’s Pub – Orlando, Florida

Best Albums:

1. The Sciences — Sleep

Behemoths of doom Sleep kept this long awaited album hushed behind sealed lips until right before they dropped it on 4/20. It’s been in my regular rotation all year with its patience-building progressions and ever-dominant grooves that hearken to the riff filled land.

2. New Levels New Devils — Polyphia

This album is so good it’s stupid, while being difficult to even define musically. Math rock, prog rock, jazz fusion, house, hip-hop: sure. Probably more than that, which is why you’ll like it no matter what you’re into. Mind-bendingly brilliant.

3. Locus of Chiron — Electric Dawn

Sure I’m biased, but it’s not often that a band releases a sci-fi concept album that parallels mythology, is set in the year 2060, and fuses doom, psychedelic, and prog rock in the process. Big sound from a big recording designed to be listened to loudly.

4. Our Raw Heart — YOB

The doom/sludge trio return with possibly their greatest album after singer/guitarist Mike Scheidt nearly died last year. Deep and rich, this album is perfection.

5. Uniko — NIKO-IS

My homey NIKO-IS put out one of the best hip-hop albums I’ve heard in a while. Full of colours of the culture, this is what hip-hop should be: fluid, diverse in languages and musical styles, and filled with legit flow. Legend Talib Kweli contributes bars and superstar backing.

Chris Miglioranzi — Staff Photographer

Chris Miglioranzi Shows I Go To

Best Shows

  • Okeechobee Fest — R.I.P. ;(
  • Childish Gambino Farewell Tour – This looked insane even though I lived it through YouTube Videos.
  • Travis Scott – Astroworld Tour … wow … All I can say is wowwwwwwww
  • Rhye at the Social … Perfect Venue … Seemed like half the crowd was in a trance and the other half was crying at the beauty of Rhye’s voice.

Best Albums

  • Daytona — Pusha T
  • 27th Club — Pacos Eric
  • Black Panther — The Soundtrack
  • Whack World — Tierra Whack
  • J.I.D — Dicaprio 2

BONUS: Kids See Ghosts — Kanye West & Kid Cudi. Every Kanye/Cudi fan has been waiting for this collaboration since the duos first collaboration on West 808’s and Heartbreaks. Cudi Montage is the go to summer song when you’re driving on I-4 at 2am.

Best Songs

  • “Ghost Town” — Kanye West feat. Kid Cudi and 090 Shake
  • “Superposition” — Young The Giant
  • “This Is America” — Childish Gambino
  • “August” — Flipturn
  • “The Middle” — Zedd, Maren Morris, Grey

BONUS: “Life Of Adidon” by Pusha T

Best Videos

Billie Eilish — “When The Party’s Over”

A$ap Rocky — “A$ap Forever”

“I love it” — Kanye West & Lil Pump

“This Is America”- Childish Gambino

“Whack World” — Tierra Whack

Biggest Suprise

My biggest surprise of 2018 in music was the Pusha T vs Drake beef. Finally someone able to successfully diss Drake with no retaliation. Pusha played his cards perfectly and ended 2018 with huge wins!

Feature photo by Chad Pearce from CHON.

Cheers to 2019!



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