Someday River SIGT Session "Cave"

SIGT Session: Someday River “Cave” and “Space Coast”

by • June 4, 2016

Shows I Go To met up with Greyson Charnock from Someday River for a beautiful Sunset Session at Lake Eola in Orlando, FL.  Someday River recently released an EP titled Sleeping Sideways. The second song we captured is a stripped-down version of “Cave” from their new EP.  “Cave” was the first song we shot, shaded by a big, brilliant, smiling Live Oak tree.

“Cave” is a song inspired by Plato’s “The Allegory of the Cave.” It’s about the the idea of leaving Plato’s Cave and becoming aware of what is outside, but trying to stay connected with what is inside the cave as well. Retaining what you can of that false-reality for the sake of escapism and sanity. It’s a last ditch effort to stay blissfully ignorant.” 

Here’s the studio recorded version of “Cave.”

When we finished shooting “Blur The Line” [WATCH HERE], we decided we had time to try one more before the sun-soaked scenery slipped down the skyline. The song Greyson chose was “Space Coast,” another previously unreleased song (like, “Blur The Line”). There was no pressure to perform. We already had everything we needed. Everything from here on out was simply a bonus.

With our guards down, I began to absorb the story spilling from Greyson’s happy face. My hairs began to raise as the magic made-out with my heart — I knew this was the one. It was perfect. My emotions were stinging like the last touch of sunlight against the static glass. I was watching Chad film and Greyson perform and I was shaken hard by the sheer beauty of these two beautiful humans expressing their careful art in a timeless moment.

“Space Coast” is an easy going folk tune about day-tripping to the beach. It romanticizes the feeling of having no worries and nothing to do; The luxury of boredom, which is rare to experience anymore. It almost becomes a longing for days-of-old. There is a woebegone filter put over the cheerful exterior of “Space Coast.” ” 

Video shot and edited by Chad Andrew Pearce —

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