Adam Fricke Shows I Go To Staff Photographer BioAdam Fricke, Staff Photographer & Videographer:

I was born and raised in Orlando but I really grew up at the beach. My life has revolved around surfing since I was 10 years old. Then I started learning the guitar when I turned 13 and my obsession with music began. I picked up a camera (like, REALLY picked it up) in 2013. I first began by shooting my friends surfing until one of my other buddies asked if I shot live music because his band needed a photographer for a gig. Naturally I said “OF COURSE I SHOOT BANDS,” and now I actually do….


Surfing, music, and photography are my perfect triangle of expression. Where one ends, another begins. I also enjoy life talks (about your life) and long walks (to the fridge).


Check out my photo/video work at  .If you wish to contact me, email or visit


Adam and Justin Fricke will be on a road trip across the United States for all of 2016!
Visit to follow their adventure. :-)
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