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EXCLUSIVE: Listen to WAXED “SMOOTH” From the New Album ‘PLEASE IT’

by • February 7, 2018

Terry, Stephanie, and Marshal are making make-out music and I’m puckered up.

There’s a lemonade reflecting off my Ray-Bans. I’m looking past my naked toes pointed to the clouds at a calm green ocean. The clouds are making love and the offspring of partners are flying big kites towards them like rose pedals floating towards a freshly made waterbed. “SMOOTH” is a true definition of Seven Minutes In Heaven

I belong with you. All the signs point to the same face. You’re a dream in tune.”

“SMOOTH” by WAXED is from their Album, PLEASE IT. Listen to the exclusive stream below.

PLEASE IT is WAXED’s second annual Valentine’s Day Album and will be released on Bandcamp on February 14, 2018.

The way you run your kiss
from my chest down to my hips
This love is my love
You give life with your hand
and lift me up from the bed.”

WAXED are:
Terry Caudill
Stephanie Brooks
Marshal Rones

Be friends with WAXED:
Instagram: @worldofwaxed

WAXED New Album Release by Mitch.
Cover Photo by Jim Leatherman at Punk On The Patio.



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