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THE INDIE PROMOTER /// Interview with Marshal Rones [Montgomery Drive]

by • July 9, 2020

Article originally featured in SIGT Magazine Issue #09 /// Page #14-15
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Marshal Rones Interview Montgomery Drive


Daddy of: Montgomery Drive, LLC ///
Last Show Attended: The day before bars/venues shut down, March 16 (Stone Cold Steve Austin Day), at Soundbar. — Local bands: 0 Miles Per Hour, Tidepools, Sunslip, Mirror Parts, and Pocket Change. 
First Show Ever: Blink-182, Fenix TX, & Bad Religion at the Miami Arena in 2000.


I choose to do what I love. When what you love to do is paused by an unprecedented event that’s affecting everybody, I think it makes everybody, on a global scale, come together. I’ve constantly tried to remain connected the best I can. From the moment things started scaling down, I hit the ground running and was already working on streams, trying to be proactive and creative. I taught myself Streamlabs and Twitch and began coordinating streams. It’s like starting over. This was a reset. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel. I can sit here and do nothing. Or I can try to connect people. From the moment they said “wear a mask,” I wore a mask. I wash my hands all the time. I have hand sanitizer in my car. You can make hand sanitizer. There are instructions online. Even when you love something, headaches will be involved. But that’s Ok. If you love it then you’re going to get through that fucking headache and that’ll shine through brightest. With everything you love there are ups and downs. There’s a ton of other awful things happening in the world.


Ultimately, when things are dark or you’re put in a situation where your back’s against the wall, you can choose to lay down and take it and die, or you can make the choice to rise above it and be a f*cking phoenix and set everything ablaze in glory. Rise up over all of it. That’s my mantra. When this is over, everyone is going to be ready. We’ve got DOUBLE THE ROCKING to make up for. I just choose to not focus on the negative. Does it creep into my head? Yes. Do I get sad or depressed? Yeah. But that’s all of us. That’s why we talk to someone and why it’s important to keep yourself in a rhythm.


I don’t think streaming is going away. I think that will continue. It will be more prevalent than before. Mike Young (my business partner in Baltimore) and I plan on continuing Digital Scene. Next show /// Digital Scene 4.0 on July 24 (Live Stream at — I’d even be down for simulated [VR] shows, but I would be bringing people back from the dead! With something like that, it would be cool to see Queen — Freddy Mercury in front of you — or Jimi Hendrix. Nothing will ever compare to live. There’s something special about feeling the energy live. Am I still booking [live] stuff now? Absolutely. When things are back to normal, check out the new site I built at In a perfect world, I would love to have shows in every room and teleport from room-to-room, but only when it it safe to do so. I can’t wait to be back at Soundbar, Will’s Pub, and HENAO Contemporary Center.


Everybody wants to be doing shows. I think we all want to get back to work. Now is about taking this time and planning for the future. When this is all over, if your heart is in the right place and you refuse to drown, you will continue to swim. You might change completely. On the journey we call “life,” this is yet another big unprecedented bump. If we pop a tire, we’re going to pull over and fix it. Don’t dwell on what we don’t have control over. Be proactive. Stay positive. And when this is over, we’re going to rise like phoenixes cause we’re in this together. And if we all go down, and burn into a pile of ash, from those ashes rise a Phoenix baby. I get depressed too. Talk to people. Talk to your pillow if you can’t talk to somebody. Release is good. We just need to stay positive, proactive, and diversify. I wish everybody in the industry the best.

“If we all go down, and burn into a pile of ash, from those ashes rise a Phoenix baby! <4”

Support your local venues, they NEED our support now more than ever! Go to Total Wills (aka the Will’s Pub Package store). I personally recommend their bottled Old Fashioned (they have tons of options including nonalcoholic beverages). I like to take that home, pour all three servings into one glass, and plug into a stream. It’s like a whole night out for me. Do a stream! Push the limits and bring different artists together to help foster creativity. I had a show with a ninja sword demonstration. I had another with a girl who burned a candle in the palm of her hand and then counted her eyebrow hairs. Shit is getting weird. If you’re reading this, do a stream!


They’re already here. I am of the mindset we are not alone in the world. It does not make sense to me that we would be the only thing in this entire universe. But believe what makes you feel ok. As long as you’re not hurting people or hating people, we’re all brothers and sisters and relatives. I would be stoked to see [aliens] if they’re coming. I just hope they’re peaceful. Who’s to say I’m not an alien? You know the first four letters of my name are a planet … M-a-r-s … Mars_Hal. People need to love each other. We’re all on this rock together. If we’re going into space now, we should have our shit together down here, right?

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/// SIGT Mag 09 – Marshal Rones Interview by Mitch Foster.

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