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by • May 14, 2018

While most earplugs decrease too many low and high frequencies, these focus on the most damaging range of the ear canal resonance (1K-6K Hz), and allow some sound to come through in those very low and very high frequencies. This achieves the “Oh WOW” element of clarity that is not found in other plugs.”

It’s not necessarily your first thought when arriving at a show to protect your hearing. You came to get loud, get rowdy, blow some speakers. At the end of the night, though, you could actually be blowing your hearing

EARasers have finally provided a safe and comfortable option for optimal ear protection. These soft medical grade silicone earplugs reduce 19dB of dangerous high frequency sounds and are the world’s FIRST flat frequency response earplug. [+/- 4 5dB; 125Hz-8KHz]

GET EARASERS HERE! Or at your local Guitar Center!

Earasers Attenuation Chart 2017

From clothes, to earplugs, we are creatures of comfort, and EARasers has eliminated the need for costly impressions. Most musicians are afraid to wear their expensive earplugs for fear of losing them. If you’re not using them, your ears are the ones losing out.

EARasers have an open canal shape and filter placement, which, is designed to allow sound to travel closer to the eardrum before being filtered.  This leaves musical layering intact.”

And that means, you don’t lose out on any of the concert experience. The music and experience is actually enhanced. 

Shows I Go To had the extreme pleasure of touring the EARasers facility and meet the amazing team behind this life changing technology. Heather Campbell, VP of EARasers, gave us an in depth instruction on how to use them and showed us the best customer service in the market today! (They even bought us mint choc. chip ice cream!) 

GET EARASERS HERE! Or at your local Guitar Center!

Eric Seibt of the doom-centric band Electric Dawn wrote this wonderful testament: 

My EARasers earplugs broke right before the last Electric Dawn show. I wrote the company asking if this was a common issue or if there were updates to the design in plans. The VP of the company Heather wrote me back and explained how the silicone expands from use, but can be reset with a new tip. Then, she went a step beyond and personally brought me three new pairs to demo in a few different levels of decibel reduction. She made sure I was using the right size, showed me I had actually been using them backwards this entire time, and did the entire demo for me that they usually do at conventions. I am absolutely amazed by this level of customer service. This is really taking it to the next level.

I have been using EARasers for the last two years and have been very impressed with the quality of sound I hear through them, even when they were in backwards. After this, they’ve absolutely got a customer for life. I can’t recommend EARasers enough!

Never before have I worn a pair of earplugs where I didn’t find myself screaming. It’s great to be able to enjoy live music without the sound quality being diminished or muffled. These are the only Marshal Law approved earplug.”

-Marshal Rones of Montgomery Drive

GET EARASERS HERE! Or at your local Guitar Center! 

Earasers Earplugs 2018

Myself, Mitch, Heather, ad Marshal at the EARasers Facility in Casselberry, FL!

Our ears are the most essential part of music, and yet, often the last sense we think to protect. EARasers are the new wave in earplugs and we’re on board 100%!!

It almost feels like you’re not wearing anything at all! As a drummer, I recommend the EARasers EURO or MAX model.”

– Mitch

These are the TESLA of earplugs!”

– Marshal

EARasers come in four different sizes to give the best range of comfort and hearing for all! You can find them at your local Guitar Center or order them online


One of the many cool things about these earplugs is the sleeve is replaceable! The middle part (the filter) can be removed (which is also the expensive part) and the sleeve (the part the gets all your body sweat) can be replaced for $20!


GET EARASERS HERE! Or at your local Guitar Center!

Protect your hearing today so we can all rock out together forever!!! <4

SPOTLIGHT: EARasers Earplugs by Sarah Schumaker

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