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Marshal Rones Parts Ways with Foundation Presents — The Social, Beacham, 64 North, The Patio <4

by • December 1, 2017

“I got you. <4”

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Marshal Rones announced publicly today his departure from Foundation Presents who book The Social, The Beacham, 64 North, The Patio, and sometimes Hard Rock, HOB, and St. Augustine Amphitheatre. His statement is below.

If you’re looking for inspiration, start with Marshal Rones. I’ve never met a more pleasurable person to work with. He focuses his energy on the positive of a situation. His creativity bleeds out effortlessly, nonstop. Marshal created <4 to be better than <3.  It’s a constant reminder to myself to be better

Due to numerous questions that have come up, I wanted to take the time to address what has occurred. As of this past…

Posted by Marshal Rones on Friday, December 1, 2017

I’m sitting on his couch. His beard is trimmed. He’s lost a bit of weight. Over the next two hours he pours his confident heart out. Sharing details of his big meeting with the owners of Foundation Presents, calling his dad right after to learn his grandma passed away, celebrating his birthday the day before her funeral, going back to work and immediately getting very ill from a bacterial sinus infection, working from home, still recovering (currently), having another meeting, being told “we’re severing ties,” swallowing hard, and handling it all with the utmost strength, confidence, and dignity.

from day 1 the most important thing to me was helping our local artists, local scene, and our local community. I hope they all know I always did (and still do) my best to do anything I could to help … Even now, this is still what matters most to me.” 

Marshal is always on top of it, especially for the local scene.  He built a music a local music community in the ashes of Bar-B-Q Bar. He masterfully paired great locals as support for national touring artists coming through The Social and The Beacham. He’s always honest and impeccable with his word. He created two successful music series, one weekly — Marshal Law Mondays — and a monthly — Punk On The Patio — which he won an award for.

Marshal Rones Best of Orlando

I guess all I’m trying to say is, whether I’m working for someone, working with someone, or working with a million people … it doesn’t change the fact that my heart still beats local. <4” 

Let’s just take a moment to look back at Marshal Rones’ tenure at Foundation Presents. I’ll share this — when the accountant learned he was leaving, he says, “How long you been here, like ten years?” It’s astounding to see the amount of beauty and health this one man has fertilized the Orlando music community with. If you have the pleasure of meeting Marshal Rones, please give him a hug. 

Thank you for being a truly bright light in this music community. <4

Marshal Rones Wink

Marshal Rones is currently a free agent. He’s exploring options throughout the state of FL and beyond. If you want to talk to him or hire him, reach out to MontgomeryDrive [at] We have no doubts wherever he lands will be infinitely lucky to have him. We wish you the best, Marshal! Good luck on your next journey into awesomeness.

Marshal Rones onto his next adventure

And, we can’t get over this ridiculous senior photo.

Marshal Rones Party Ways with Foundation Presents Article by Mitch.

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