Universal Funk Orchestra Humalien Remix

UNIVERSAL FUNK ORCHESTRA — “HUMALIEN” Hertzfelt Remix | Orlando Show August 30 + Dizzlephunk Tour Dates Announced!

by • August 9, 2019

Universal Funk Orchestra collaborates with Hertzfelt for a remix of their single, “Humalien.” The original track was epic (here) but this remix takes it to another level … ready? DROP! Original track and remix below.

Universal Funk Orchestra is a 5-Piece Funk Rock + Hip Hop + Electronic Party led by Dizzlephunk. U.F.O. is a collective of musicians from all diverse backgrounds. Curated by DJ Dizzlephunk (Family Gang), U.F.O.’s current line-up is a veritable of who’s who in their current scene. From the positive rapid-fire raps of Brian B-True (Hor!zen, Beebs and Her Money Makers), the smooth-to-slick Saxophone work of Joe Capati (The 502s, Gary Lazer Eyes), the energetic drumming of Chris LeBrane (Family Gang, Kaleigh Baker), to the frenetic kinetic guitar power of The Jester (Family Gang, Tears of a Tyrant), U.F.O.’s sonic drive reaches far into galactic genres. High quality yet DIY, grounded in the cosmos.

As a live band, the stage is their spaceship. Dizzle and Chris’ onstage personas borderline theatrical. B-True delivers his unique brand of art, staying true to his roots, energizing the audience with his animated street style. Jester and Joe further amplify the stagecraft with their flawless punctuation and brilliant star power.

Their next Orlando show is Friday, August 30 at Soundbar in downtown Orlando w/ Catbamboo (Baton Rouge, LA), Flagman, and Sunstrife, presented by our friends, Montgomery Drive. RSVP Here or click the image below.

Universal Funk Orchestra Tour 2019

HEADS UP — Dizzlephunk is taking the UFO Sax player, Joe Capati, on tour next week to NOLA. Full dates below!

Dizzlephunk Tour 2019

Universal Funk Orchestra “Humalien” Remix by Mitch.

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