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OUT NOW — Orlando’s Own — HIP HOP COMPILATION — STREAM — Niko Is, E-Turn, Big Makk, Young Scholar, MADILLZ, Souljah Bless, Ray Benton, & more

by • June 12, 2020

If you’ve ever had the sincere pleasure of meeting mister Dizzle Phunk, you know his ambition is palpable. It’s spicy and sweet, like a nice charred meat, fresh off the grill, ready to fill your happy gut before it comes out ya butt on a big sunny Sunday. He knows the way. And today (June 12), he’s releasing a mixtape — 19 tracks — called Orlando’s Own Hip Hop Compilation. It features some of Central Florida’s most prominent MCs and Producers. Ready?

Orlando’s Own Hip Hop Compilation is a collection of my favorite Central Florida MCs and Producers. It has been a privilege to grow and work with these artists who have influenced the FLA Hip Hop community. This is a salute to them.”

Yes. And this is a salute to you, Mr. Phunk. Dip into the sure sounds below spit by the illest ORL residents with heat in the game. Share it around. It’s free. It’s love. It’s free love. This is good shit. THIS IS GOOD NEWS. Dance.


Orlandos Own Hip Hop Compilation Stream


Orlando’s Own Track Listing

Dizzlephunk – Orlando’ s Own Hip Hop Compilation – FULL MIX
1. Kallahann the Coolest – “The One You Heard About”
2. MADD ILLZ – “Ain’t My Fault”
3. Papi3xs x Cutta (Prod.11k) – “Big Dope Aye”
4. Video 4.0 – “SO-LOH”
5. Young Scholar x Creativ Angel x T.R.L.L. Kennedy – “In Love with a Dancer”
6. Only One Two feat Mochino – “Pandemic”
7. Ray Benton – “Glowin”
8. HillTop Chevy x Thug Pray – “1 More Time”
9. Universal Funk Orchestra – “HUMALIEN”
10. Souljah Bless feat. MC Freak – “My Meditation”
11. Sawcegawdclutch – “UNFORESEEN”
12. Djbitznpieces feat. JaWaan LaRue – “If It’s Really Real”
13. AMiAM (Prod by Omar Saleem & Philly Wyld Chyl) – “Lean On Me”
14. SB the Anomoly (Prod. Eyeconics) – “The Passion”
15. E-Turn – “Not Me”
16. Niko Is (Prod. California Terry) – “100 Thousand Hours”
17. Palmer Reed feat. Big Makk – “SMART”
18. Jon Ditty feat. DJ Hurley – “Safe Music (Short Version)”

Orlandos Own Hip Hop Compilation Track Listing


Orlando’s Own Hip Hop Compilation stream article by Mitch.

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