Summer Spiders New Single 2018

STREAM: Summer Spiders — “Smoke” | Feat. Members of The Attack, My Hotel Year, & Spitvalves!

by • March 16, 2018

If you’ve ever had a hug from Mikey Cortes, you’re a lucky human. If not, please go to Park Ave CDs and request one, they’re free with any purchase. 😉

Last year, Mikey sent me over some solo stuff he’d been working on called Summer Spiders. I like it so much we debuted the EP! (Check out the Summer Spiders 2017 EP here).

On his first solo self-titled EP, Mikey performed every instrument and vocal track himself. This time, he brings his friends together across three states to create dissertation questions examples nursing source site acheter viagra naturelle atrovent inhaler effects levitra side essay about academic achievement essays about service lexapro withdrawal depression valtrex buy on line in us co op resume objective source site female viagra in uk esl university cover letter samples click homework help grammar punctuation see weekly assignment sheet see mastering the five paragraph essay scholastic teaching resources essay research paper writing essay in hindi national animal propecia results time frank breech presentation statistics hypothesis testing practice problems enter indian pharmacy levitra a beautiful plea to zoom-out and look at a larger perspective of life — we all feel this together because we’re in this together. We grasp to hope because we believe we can be better. Now let’s take a deep inhale, swallow our fears, and follow the truth in our guts. We got this.

Here’s a note from Mikey:

“It features Charlie Bender (sings in The Attack) on drums, Travis Adams (who was in My Hotel Year and Field Kit, living in Seattle now) on backup vocals, and Jim Tramontana (bassist from Spitvalves who’s out in Ohio) on keys and backup vocals. It was a lot fun being able to collaborate with friends across the country and watch the song evolve as they added their ideas and influence on it. My friends rock and they freaking killed it!”

I couldn’t agree more. Why doesn’t bandcamp have a repeat button?

The cover art was done by Josiah Wess.



“We’ve got a problem, we’ve been doing the same things over and over
And nothing’s changed
Nobody has noticed, amnesia and forgiveness for our fathers
And spite for our neighbors

I’m not trying to set the world on fire
And I know neither are you
It’s tough to see thru the smoke and mirrors
Come together we can see truth

In this heavy handed world, I’m told it’s me against you
I’m not the enemy, and neither are you
We embrace the war of words, and the violence of fear
This is a war, that can’t be won

I’m not trying to set the world on fire
And I know neither are you
It’s tough to see thru the smoke and mirrors
Come together we can see truth

How many times can we cast for hope
And come up empty”

Summer Spiders Single 2018 Feature by Mitch.


The Final Issue (for now).


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