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Member of THE ATTACK releases First Solo EP, ‘SUMMER SPIDERS’ | STREAM

by • July 21, 2016

I love it when you get sent something and it rules. It rules so hard that you can’t stop playing it on repeat, like Pathos, Pathos or the new Hank & Cupcakes. Summer Spiders is one of those insatiable plays. The first song, “Delays,” was actually mistaken for a Lotus song when I was playing it earlier today in my house. Be prepared to rock, especially when that screaming guitar kicks in around the 3:40 mark.  And, I can feel some My Morning Jacket vibes in “Saturday Nights On My Street.” Mikey pours out jagged passion that I can’t stop singing on “Islands.” Much like my friend, Kyle Cox, I’m a little obsessed with lyrics. It’s also the only song with vocals on the EP.

How do we go on after this
When the normal feels so far away?
Watching the birth of the day 
Is the only time I care if I die”

Outside of music, you might know Mikey Cortes from helping you find your favorite album at Park Ave CDs, your favorite local record store. After several years of writing and piecing together the bedroom studio in his house, between tours with his main outfit, The Attack, this is the result — his first solo EP under the name, Summer Spiders. Mikey performed every instrument on the EP and produced the release himself. He says it’s heavily influenced by bands like Fugazi, Tycho, and American Football. However, I’m getting more Tycho than Fugazi, and even more, My Morning Jacket with a little Band of Horses banana pepper kick. 😎

He also spills, “this is the first of what will be many releases to come.”

Album Art by Josiah Wess.

Summer Spiders Band EP Release by Mitch, edited by Matthew Weller.



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