Kyle Cox Live Review

Kyle Cox LIVE REVIEW | Will’s Pub, Orlando, FL | July 16, 2016

by • July 17, 2016

“God damn the man I am.” Kyle Cox spills new lines of poetry. “Lyrics are the most important thing to me.” My date and I slowly interlock hands. “A little miracle is happening and no one knows about it but us,” I quietly gush to her ear. It was true. At the moment, most of the room are in drunken chatter. Kyle humbly soares on, through dead-heavy prose and elegant plucks. By the half of the set, the room shut-up. He captured them. I expected no less.

Earlier this year, Kyle put out a five-song EP called Trio & Friends. “Richest Man Alive” is just a sample of how much he loves his wife and shows it through some of the sweetest fucking love songs that exist.

It’s so easy to believe that what I want is what I need.
You remind me, that’s a lie.
I’m the richest man alive.” 

Kyle is the kind of artist that inspires love and introspection. He texted me earlier in the day saying, “Playing tunes at Will’s Pub tonight if you’re in town. Would be fun to see ya!” Without hesitation, I changed my schedule to make sure I didn’t miss him. He’s one of those artists who are so important to see when in town — you need it more than you know. He inspires me to be a better man, stronger. He swept my lovely date right off her feet, being effortlessly honest, telling stories about what his songs mean to him before he performs each one. His pain is plainly present and he’s completely unashamed of it. He’s the kind of artist that will make you glad to be there with whoever you’re there with. Expect the night to likely lead to a late night in your kitchen, dancing to your favorite songs with someone real special, not even completely understanding “what is happening,” but loving every second.

Kyle Cox Live Review by Mitch, edited by Matthew Weller.
Feature photo from Kyle Joshua Cox Instagram (check out the first line of his bio). 😉

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