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OMF Artists of the Week 2/6-2/12 | D.R.A.M., Allen Stone, Bleachers, Jacuzzi Boys, Gary Lazer Eyes

by • February 6, 2017

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Big Baby Does Real Ass Music. If that doesn’t make you smile, then maybe his feel good feature on Chance’s Coloring Book track, “D.R.A.M. Sings Special” will make those dimples show a little. I only recently learned what his acronym meant, although having heard him on several tracks this past year. The VA rapper/producer’s self-titled LP is a proclamation from the first track “Get It Myself.”

D.R.A.M. makes thoughtful rap riddled with whimsy and smooth, candid flow. His collaboration with Lil Yachty brought us the windows down banger, “Broccoli” which, went Double Platinum in 2016. Oh and plus, Beyonce confessed her love for the artist’s 2015 absolutely groovy track, “Cha, Cha,” on Instagram when she said, ‘This song makes me so happy.’ You heard the Queen, go get some serotonin at this set. This will be a crowd pleaser.

Check ?: “Cash Machine”, “Caretaker” ft. SZA


Allen Stone.

WTF was I doing when Radius came out in 2016?? Well, I’m spinning it now and the 14 track (PLUS 7 bonus tracks#blessed) is funk perfection. Reminiscent of old era R&B and pure soul 70’s rock, Stone knocks it out of the park. On “American Privilege” he hums the famed Kendrick line, “Bitch don’t kill my vibe,” but the meaning hits deeper than a catchy hook.

Oh, it doesn’t seem right that I, I was born white, And my seven-stone fight told me they love me each night, I don’t lose sleep for kids sewing my sheets, Or the ones snitching my sneaks, as long as I can buy ’em both cheap, American privilege, is blurring my vision, inherited sickness, American privilege, is blurring my vision, inherited sickness.”

The song is almost an uncomfortable listen given the state of our nation, as it has you swaying to the irony of a bed we made and must now subsequently squirm in.

An Allen Stone show is the show you can bring your Dad to, the show you can get down to with your friends, the show that will make you realize you’re really falling for that new love. He is going to deliver in a big way at Okeechobee.

 Check ?: “I Know I Wasn’t Right”, “Contact High”, “Unaware”



2013 was the closest I’ve ever come to being a “groupie.” After my first Bleachers show at Jannus Live, (and holding Antonoff’s boot as he stood on my hands singing “I Wanna Get Better”), I was hooked. Fast forward three months to driving 3 ½ hours to Ft. Lauderdale by myself without a phone to see them, getting so tired on the way home and driving into a ditch, hysterically crying in a gas station just barely outside Orange County lines, calling a tow truck at 4am, sleeping for two hours, going to work at 8am, and then driving to see them in St. Pete that same night. NO REGRETS.

There’s something about a room Jack Antonoff inhabits which makes you feel comfortable and empowered. Perhaps, it’s his constant pairing with the Ally Coalition and his support of their efforts to give displaced LGBTQ teens a safe space. Or maybe, it’s his banter between triumphant ballads that make you wanna wiggle with joy. Strange Desire, their debut album, brought 80’s pop vibes to the forefront. This is the soundtrack for anyone who has seen death, scraped the bottom, and still feels the hope born in every new day. Fingers crossed there’s some songs from the yet to be released LP2. This show is fire in your belly.

Check ?: “Like A River Runs”, “Who I Want You To Love”



Jacuzzi Boys.

Florida boys! Miami, to be more precise. This young, melancholy grunge three-piece know themselves as well as any veteran band out there, which may seem like an irrelevant assessment. But, if you’ve ever been to a show and not felt completely invested, a disconnect, then you know when it does all fit, the music will take you away. Jacuzzi Boys took me away at Will’s Pub this past fall. They turned out all the lights, save some red flashing floodlights on either side of the stage, and smoke swirled around their feet as they absolutely shredded through the space. Okeechobee is going to be the ideal setting for their psychedelic ear sex. The Beach Boys on acid. Their single “Glazin” was the montage opening credits song for sweet indie flick ‘6 years.’ Check that shit out.

 Check ?: “Seventeen”, Glazin


Gary Lazer Eyes.

If you’ve ever been to The Haven in Winter Park, then you know the certain creeping sensation of a man dressed in a full doctor’s lab coat equipped with a ninja mask, sword tucked in the back, and a tie (to top it off), standing between the oddly placed tables, staring at the stage with indiscernible emotion. This very real, very boggling, character was one of four people in the smoky venue last March of 2016 when Gary Lazer Eyes played there. I remember distinctly talking to the guys who were slightly (very) bummed to be missing Kendrick Lamar (who had just dropped untitled, unmastered,) at Okeechobee. Not to mention, close musician mates and hometown friends SWIMM, had a slot at the prestigious first festival in Florida, as well. All they wanted was a spot in their friends’ shitty camper for a couple days of good vibes in the woodlands.

This year they have a slot on the ‘Now’ stage.

It’s almost as if 2016 and their year of constant shows, the releasing of their innovative, and out of the box EP High On Lies, an almost always empty merch store, and grueling rehearsal schedule was all an elaborate driven plan from the fine, upstanding, passionate gentlemen…nah.

Support your local boy band. ‘Now’ Stage, Friday, March 3 @ 12:45pm.

Ay, “MotherFUCK the radio.” Here’s to humble beginnings and riotous ends.

P.s.- I hope the ninja doctor dude can make it. <3

Check ?: “Black&White”, High On Lies

Gary Lazer Eyes

I tell no lies.


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