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LISTEN: The 1975 Releases New Single! “Love Me” | Sophomore album in 2016!

by • October 8, 2015

After shocking the world earlier this year, the British pop/rock band known as The 1975 left all their fans wondering if they were done. Lead Singer Matty Healy left a cryptic note on all their social media platforms unimaginably saying the band has reached its peaked and was over. A few hours later, all the members of the band and all the social media for the band were wiped clean, only to fuel those flames of breakup.

24 hours later, all the social media was back but this time is was different, something felt different. It’s almost like The 1975 went into a 24 hour cocoon as a caterpillar, and came out as a bright pink butterfly. Everything that was once black and white now had color and life to it, Was it the end of an era for The 1975? Was it the end of their sound? Nobody knew what was happening.

Flash forward to today! October 8th, 2015. Again, the members of The 1975 teased a lone picture with the words “Love Me” in bright pink fluorescent shined in the back of a room, was it a new album? Was it a new single? What was it? Low and behold, the great PR people hyped them up so much that they released their new single titled “Love Me” on BBC Radio 1 at 3:30pm EST and then detailed how it was their turn to make pop radio (since they now feel like they are a form of pop star) sound they way they wanted it too. Also with this news was that the new album would be 17 songs and would be called, I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It. The album will be released in February. What did you guy’s think of the news and the new song?

Here is a small clip of the song.

Hear the full song and a radio interview with the band here:

The 1975 New Single news article by Jeff Roach.



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