Teen Agers: Tour Blog, Day 1 | Regensburg, Germany

by • March 28, 2015

Hello, my name is Nick Noble. I just played the best show of my life in the Czech Republic.

That was last night, let’s start from the beginning.

Teen Agers is only three days into our first European excursion and the shows and people have blown us all away. Each day impressing us more and more with what we expected vs the reality of how great things actually have been.

Day one we met Stefan. He is our driver and Tour Manager for the first week of shows. Although we have only spent three days with him it took us only twenty seconds to realize we have lucked out. He fits in with the four of us like a long lost brother. His open mind and strong work ethic are paramount to the mental health of all of us. Stefan has brought a comfort of home to an experience in which we are all completely out of our element. He will be missed when he departs in a few days.

Our first drive was from Frankfurt to Regensburg (both cities in Germany). On the drive Stefan told us about how he was born in Potsdam in East Germany, the harsh side of the Berlin Wall. The blockade was torn down when he was just a toddler and most of his family immediately moved over to the other side. He explained that due to limited trade, from embargoes there were a lack of certain foods. One of the absent treats was the banana. He remembered his 50 year old neighbor biting into one for the first time “He bit straight through the peel. His first taste of the new world was not a pleasant experience.” Listening to him tell these stories further grows my confidence that I will be able to tell tales about this tour for the rest of my life.

We showed up to the venue in Regensburg and met our local promoter, Dennis. He showed us to the green room which had a full catered spread and a fridge full of beer. Germany is awesome. Dennis spoke perfect English and was more than hospitable. We even stayed at his home later that night. His walls were plastered with Fest memorabilia and maps of American cities.

Show number one had a healthy crowd and went off without a hitch. All of us were on cloud 9 once we hit the first chord together on foreign soil. The band that opened was named Salsa Shark, they played a high energy, sonic youth type of rock.

So far, European shows have been small, just an opening act and us. Everyone is super attentive and then hangs out to party afterwards. They have it figured out in a way that I hope will soon spread. The crowd had a very positive vibe while we played and we fed off of it (as most musicians do). It’s always easier to play a better set when a crowd is into it.

We woke up in the morning to another awesome spread then drove to Austria.


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