Wolf-Face New Video 2016

New Wolf-Face VIDEO! | Michael J. Wolf Finishes First in “Boof Ain’t Too Loose” ;)

by • July 18, 2016

Wolf-Face insert themselves deep inside Teen Wolf for “Boof Ain’t Too Loose.”

Wolf-Face New Video 2016

“Boof Ain’t Too Loose” was featured on a limited edition Split EP with TEEN AGERS, released by Say-10 Records on October 31, 2015. I have this record on Orange w/ Black Splatter, and it fucking rules. Track Listing and Pressing info below.

1) Teen Agers – “KWM”
2) Teen Agers – “River Road”
3) Teen Agers – “Van Pizza Road Apple Coffee”
4) Teen Agers – “Building”
5) Teen Agers – “It’s Hard to Know”
6) Wolf-Face – “Goddamn This Beast”
7) Wolf-Face – “Boof Ain’t Too Loose”
8) Wolf-Face – “Wolf Like Me”
9) Wolf-Face – “W-O-L-F Spells Shotkicker”
10) Wolf-Face – “I’m So Much Better”

25 fest pressings on black w/ screened covers available at the Say-10 table at Fest 14
200 on Basketball Orange
100 on Orange w/ Black Splatter (bands only!)
100 on Orange w/ Blood Red Splatter (Say-10 exclusive)
100 on Yellow (Smartpunk exclusive)

Photos from Wolf-Face in Orlando at Will’s Pub by Jeff Nickel.
Wolf-Face New Video 2016 by Mitch.

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