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3 VIEWS: An Intimate Night Out | Neon Trees Live Review & Concert Photos w/ The Fictionist & COIN | The Beacham Orlando | July 10, 2015

by • July 13, 2015

Editors Note: We often do cool things at, like the 6 Views of Questlove or 2 Views of GWAR. This time, instead of having multiple writers, we had one writer and 2 photographers, capturing 3 “Views” of the show. Enjoy. 🙂

the fictionist live review

Walking into The Beacham on Friday to be greeted with Fictionist’s funky music took me back! There were four guys standing on stage, jamming out, looking like they were straight out of the ’90s.

I felt like I just jumped out of the Delorean with Doc Brown when I saw these guys with high tops, white tube socks, jorts, and baggy shirts (I’m only a few months early).the fictionist live review photo It was the start to a killer night.

COIN, straight outta Nashville Tennessee, step on stage to a crowd of screaming girls. Their shrill fan girl screams were so loud that I thought they were going to shatter the glassware at the bar. 


coin live review photo

Coin Live Review

I first listened to COIN when my friend mentioned on Facebook that his buds, COIN, are going on tour with Neon Trees. Their recordings sound the exact same live, just the way I like to listen to music.

If you’ve never heard of COIN, check out their synth-based sound with southern roots below.

There are so many ways to describe a Neon Trees show, but I think the best way to describe it in one word is personal. Neon Trees took the dark stage and when the strobe lights came to life, they laid right into “Songs I Can’t Listen To.” Lead Vocalist, Tyler Glenn’s very animated, has an amazing voice that can project so well, even without the help of a microphone, and has this gift of being able to make you feel like he’s looking right at you while he’s singing.

Neon Trees Live Review & Concert Photos

neon trees live reviewThis tour, “An Intimate Night Out With Neon Trees,” is a little different for the band. Rather than a tour that’s heavily promoted on the radio and other media outlets, this one’s a little low key. They picked to play smaller club and theater venues to give back to their fans. Not the people that only listen to one of their hits on the radio, they want to play intimate shows for their fans that know all their songs (Our Editor, Mitch, had the priviledge to interview the band before the show. It’ll be up next week.).

Another notable difference on this tour is that the drummer, Elaine Bradley, is pregnant and due soon. I find it amazing that Elaine’s able to play the drums so dang well and sing while pregnant. And I’m talking very pregnant. Her baby’s already been on tour! Something not many people can say. How cool is that!neon trees live review photo

Towards the end of their show, Tyler made it known that they were giving everyone the full set. Rather than leaving the stage and coming back for an encore, they stayed on stage and just kept going.

At the end of “Everybody Talks,” as the band was leaving the stage, Tyler made it a point to look at every person individually standing against the front gate and say thank you for coming out early and supporting them. Tyler’s made it known that he was that kid, going through a ton of shit, and stood at the front gate of every show belting out the lyrics to all the songs to escape reality for just a little while.

neon trees live review photo tylerneon trees live review photo branden 1

It’s pretty rad that Tyler pays extra attention to, and makes it a point to, thank the kids that are in the same spot that he was earlier in his life.

He does have a way of connecting with you and looking you right in the eye, even if you choose to stand against a wall at the back of the room by yourself.

Neon Trees Live Review by Justin Fricke.

Neon Trees Concert Photos by Adam Fricke & Jeff Roach.

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