deathless album review miss may i]deathless album review miss may i]

Album Review: ‘Deathless’ from Miss May I | Available August 7, 2015

by • August 11, 2015

Hey dude—check this out.” I took the burnt CD with the name Miss May I scribbled in Sharpie from my friend as he got in my car. After I injected the CD into my car’s sound system, the melodic metalcore screams of Levi Benton surrounded us.

That was in 2007 at the start of my senior year of high school, right after Miss May I hit the metalcore scene with Vows for a Massacre, their first 5-track EP. Since then the band’s released some phenomenal albums like Monument and some less than stellar albums like Rise of the Lion. Something just didn’t feel right to me after listening to Rise of the Lion and I was left hoping that Miss May I would get their shit together, in my opinion, and put out a better album in the future.

Finally the wait is over and Deathless is upon us.

miss may i deathless album review

This album is heavier both instrumentally and lyrically. Miss May I’s already put out a music video for the first song on the album “I.H.E.” (I Hate Everything). Give it a listen on YouTube and follow along with the written lyrics in the description and you’ll see what I mean.

One thing I did notice as I was listening to this album is that the clean vocals resemble that of Three Days Grace. The vocals just sound slightly deeper and to be honest, I dig it. Being a Three Days Grace fan, it was a welcome sound in my ears.

The only thing I am missing in this album though is words to hang onto. None of the lyrics truly stick out to me after listening to the album a few times through. Don’t get me wrong, I love these lyrics, it’s just nothing really pops, yet. Come back to me in a month or two after I’ve listened to the album a few more times (and by that I mean a lot more) and that statement very well may have changed.

What can you expect while listening to this album?

You can expect to hear Miss May I’s roots blended with a newer sound that diehard Miss May I fans will love. Most of all, you can expect to go on a roller coaster of a ride as you listen to this album. The lyrics start off kind of dark. You can feel and relate to the trials and tribulations the band has been through and come “Bastards Left Behind” (Track 5) things really start to turn around. This is where the main conflict takes place in a movie plot. Where shit hits the ceiling, all hell breaks loose, and the main character has to look deep inside himself/herself to come out on top.

The upward slope of the movie plot, where things fall into place, and everything starts going right for the main character takes place in “Arise” (Track 6). I feel tone and dynamic of the album change at this point. Everything’s some much more uplifting and well, happy.

After wondering for two years if Miss May I would put out another worthy album, Deathless was officially released on August 7th. For Miss May I fans waiting and hoping their last album wasn’t their downfall, no need to worry anymore.

Deathless Album Review from Miss May I by Justin Fricke.

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