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John Legend brought magic to Florida | Live Concert Photos | July 25 2014 | St. Augustine Amphitheatre

by • July 29, 2014

I felt like a kid waiting on Christmas morning in anticipation for John Legend’s appearance before he graced the stage with his big, dimpled smiles and his “robe-like” purple suit. Judging by the eager grins on the faces of those around me, and the ear-piercing loud cheers, I was clearly not alone.

R&B/Soul artist John Legend performed for a sold-out audience at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre as part of his stripped down “An Evening with John Legend: The All of Me Tour.” This was my first time seeing John Legend and also my first time at this beautiful outdoor venue. Seating just over 4,000 people, the Amphitheatre was somewhat of an intimate setting for an artist of this caliber. Despite the raindrops, I thought it was the perfect place for this intimate gathering.

Legend sat behind his piano most of the time; singing some of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard any person sing. He explained that he wanted this tour to have a living room style setting. He wanted carpet below his feet, his drummer, guitarist, and strings all gathered around him, and elegant lightning on the stage.

Between songs, John spoke of many aspects of his life. What really stood out was his discussion about his humble beginnings. He was not born into money. He was not an overnight celebrity. He spoke of his 5:30pm Friday “Prime Time” shows in New York City. He spoke about his back-up vocals and piano recordings for long-time friend and supporter Kanye West (although, how many of us can say we’re friends with Mr. West?).

John even discussed his early family-life and his father’s date-night splurges to Red Lobster with John’s mother. He stated that his father taught him how to be a gentleman and half-joked that the way to a woman’s heart was “with a little… all-you-can-eat-shrimp.

Legend performed several hits from his 2004 debut album Get Lifted, my personal favorite. He also touched on each of his other albums he’s released over the last decade and even covered Bruce Springsteen’s classic “Dancing in the Dark.”

John closed the set with a stunning rendition of “Ordinary People,” before returning to the stage for an encore performance of none other than his latest hit (you guessed it) “All Of Me.” As he let the crowd sing the chorus’ while he played his piano, I sang too and thought how truly magical the moment was. Here’s John performing “All Of Me” live in a New York City hotel.

John Legend’s show was everything I could have wanted and more. I was ecstatic to not only be able to witness one of my favorite artists perform, but also to be able to photograph him. Be sure to check out the photos of John Legend’s show, as well as photos from his beautiful british opening act Marsha Ambrosius, below from Lindsay Tompkins Photography.

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