Brockhampton The Ritz Ybor Tampa FL 2018

Brockhampton Brings the Heat to Tampa! | Brockhampton Live Review + Concert Photos | January 26, 2018

by • January 29, 2018

Brockhampton, a large boy band formed in San Marcos, Texas in 2015, has quickly become a fan favorite. The members met each other on the popular Kanye West fan forum “KanyeToThe.” Currently based in California, Brockhampton creates hip hop music…and a lot of it!

Brockhampton Ritz Ybor Tampa 2018


In 2016, the group released their first mixtape titled All-American Trash. In 2017 alone, they have managed to release a triology of albums: Saturation, Saturation II and Saturation III. Their dedication and chemistry as a band is displayed in their work.

Brockhampton performed the “Love your Parents Tour” at The Ritz Ybor in Tampa, FL at 8:00pm.

The line extended farther than the eye could see. Fans toward the front of the line stated that they had been waiting since as early as 9 am. The show was sold out.
Eight members of the band came out in their signature orange jumpsuits and immediately evoked excitement and energy from the audience. Some fans even wore orange jumpsuits to the show, along with blue face paint, which is another tradition.

When the band first came out, they started chanting “F*** Pitchfork,” and the crowd repeated after them.”

They were angry about the review of their albums presented by the publication, Pitchfork. The leader of the band, Kevin Abstract, began by apologizing for his hoarse voice. However, this wasn’t apparent in his performance. The band flowed from song to song flawlessly and the crowd reciprocated by jumping and singing along with every song. Fans in the front were being bothered by security because they were going all out to the music and created a mosh pit at one point, per Brockhampton’s request.

Band member Ameer reminded the fans that they paid money to be at the show and to ‘not let these people ruin your time.’”

The band performed songs from each album and even repeated some song’s due to popular request. They played their song, “Star” four times in a row at the end of the show. Band member Bearface stole the show for a moment during his solo performance of “Summer” and “Team.”

Overall, Brockhampton has a very bright future as a band. If they keep up this rate of rapid success, Brockhampton may come to be known as the greatest boy band of all time. Who knows, maybe they will even meet their common idol, Kanye West

Brockhampton LIVE REVIEW & PHOTOS by Erika Wierzbicki & Chris Miglioranzi


Teamwork Instrumental










Sister/Nation (Only Sister)







Bear Face Solo:







Star (x4)

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