Album Review- The Hip Abduction - 'Gold Under the Glow'

Album Review: The Hip Abduction – ‘Gold Under the Glow’ – Released March 11, 2016

by • March 14, 2016

Where’s my hip? Has anyone seen my hip? I can’t seem to find my hip! The Hip Abduction are released their sophomore full-length album, Gold Under the Glow, on March 11, 2016. This album comes as a follow up to their 2013 self-titled debut. The new release showcases the band’s ability to play a diverse style of music and cater to their favorite genres. While their first release was heavy on the reggae island jams, Gold Under the Glow is packed with more essay ielts general write essay on my school library free essay about culture kamagra 150mg greece essay is it safe to buy generic cialis online average age to start taking viagra propecia results timeline female viagra alternative research papers on women get link english writing exercises online levitra menomonee falls plural of thesis buy benzamycin gel uk jessops business case study humor essay example best medical school essay editing service viagra shops nairobi mla example essay essay writing on my best friend for class 3 source link prednisone fluid retention legs sample analysis essay custom essay meister review go here afrobeat new wave dance tracks that are inspiring and energizing, while also mesmerizing and easy-going. While this album doesn’t have intense face-melting guitar solo jams, it most certainly has hip-abducting dance rhythms that are near impossible to stay still to, so be prepared to lose you hip, and don’t forget to smile! I see in my future many beach and pool days under the sun, and many party nights under the moon, getting gold under the glow while listening to Gold Under the Glow.

Check out their upcoming show at BackBooth in Orlando on Saturday, March 19, 2016! Special guests Mike Pinto and Orlando locals The Strange Trip opening up the show. Tickets are $14.50.


The Hip Abduction consist of David New (Vocals/Guitar),  Pat Klemawesch (Kora/Percussion/Vocals), Chris Powers (Bass), Dave Johnson (Bari Sax/Tenor Sax), Paul Chlapowski (Keyboard),  Matt Poynter (Drums/Vocals), and John Holt III (Kamalngoni/Vocals/Guitar). And in case you’re wondering what that weird string instrument is that Pat plays, it’s called a kamale ngoni, a west Africa bridge harp. It’s like a little brother to the kora. The kora has a whopping 21 strings while the kamale ngoni only has 12. Pat actually makes a lot of his string instruments from Epay wood taken from Sunset Beach in St. Petersburg, so every time they go on the road he takes a little bit of home and the beach with them.

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Track 1 “Before We Lose Our Mind” — The first ten seconds give off hypnotic vibrations, wind chimes in the background, followed by powerful synthesizers quickly setting the tone and getting you ready for an energetic and upbeat musical ride. The song provides a chance for future audiences to chant together in a positive unity. This lyrics encourage living life and inspires one to not be afraid, set yourself free and take crazy chances. “Before we lose our mind / Let’s get set free / Embrace the warmth of the heart and the sound of the sea / Seek the world unknown and soon it’ll show / When to love when to lead and when to let go.” Check out the official music video where you can escape to some of North America’s most beautiful landscapes.

Track 2 “Higher” — This song brings the tempo down a notch and gets you in a mellow trance mood. The beat is chillaxin and the horns are soothing. The watery, aqueous sounds mediate your ears, and the echo of the high-pitched vocals add a nice touch. Don’t be surprised if you space out on this song and it’s over before your know it.

Track 3 “All I Need” — Another mellow tune, somewhat, but gradually picks up the pace and the chorus parts have an electronic dance feel. I really like the intricate guitar riff used in the verse parts of the song, it’s just really mesmerizing.

Track 4 “Crazy” — This might be my favorite track on the album and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the next single released. It’s all about letting loose and being care free in a loving world. This is sure to be a fan favorite that will get the place jumping and dancing from wall to wall. “Take me to a place in the middle of the sun / And we’ll sing this song standing one by one … Take me to the place where the lions roam / And we’ll leave this life full of lies and guns… And we fell like going craaaaaaaazyyyyyy!” They recently played this one live opening up for The Expendables at House of Blues Orlando. Watch my video below, thanks to The Sober Goat!

Track 5 “Come Alive” — This song keeps the dance vibe going and is about embracing life. “What’s it mean to see the future in the darkness of night? / Does it mean something more? Should I open my eyes? / They all come from the mountains, they all come from the sea / My spirits and dreams are always following me.” I think the message the song portrays is don’t be afraid to follow your heart when you’re laying there wide awake and wondering.

Track 6 “Stand Up For Love” — This song really features the string instruments, especially in the beginning before the dance party kicks in. There is also a killer keyboard solo halfway through, and the sax parts are top notch. The lyrics inspire one to “Stand up for love in the morning sun / Stand patiently til the day is done.” One must understand that it’s positively inspiring and uplifting to open up your arms in this world of hate, and as the lyrics go on to say, “be strong and true, the ones you love are a part of you.”

Track 7 “Light It Up” — Try not moving your booty to this bassline. This song keeps the island dance vibe beating just nicely. It reminded me of a Talking Heads song at one point. What I got from this song is opportunity … strike while the iron’s hot, and don’t hesitate. “When the feeling’s strong, we’re gonna light it up / With the heat from your moonlight soulshine.”

Track 8 “Lifted” — Ahhh, here it is! The chill reggae dub vibe you’ve been expecting! Like I said earlier, this album steers in slightly different direction than the first album. This tune is sure to slow your heartbeat down and relax you. It features heavy reverb echos on the vocals and more awesome trippy sounds. Perfect to listen to when your lifted.

Track 9 “Ka’iwi” — Two chillaxin’ reggae beats in a row! The beautiful string instrument sounds return for this song. This song competes well with the last song for most chillin’ on the album, and the funky keyboard parts are a nice compliment. I’ll be honest, I had to look up the title and of course it’s a place in Hawaii on the east end of the island of O’ahu. I’ve never been to Hawaii but I feel like this track took me there to the mountainous sandy shore. Lyrics like “My mind’s not awake” I can relate well with.

Track 10 “Awake” — The slower down-tempo love song of the album, it portrays how love is an amazing thing and it has the power to wake one up when we are getting tired of life. We can forget sometimes that life is worth living and needs to be embraced so we can rise above. There are sweet violin sounds in this one which were a surprise but definitely help portray the love that this song is about. I also really enjoyed the laser sounds, hahaa!

Track 11 “Wandered Away” — The last song on the album starts off like it’s the last song on an album. What I mean by that is it starts slow, allowing us to reminisce with much nostalgia of what we just listened too. It’s ceremonious the way they sing “I wandered away” and I couldn’t help but think of The Lion King as the song gave off a tribal feeling that makes you want to explore the unknown. I hope The Hip Abduction doesn’t wander away anytime soon!

Check out their upcoming show at BackBooth in Orlando on Saturday, March 19, 2016! Special guests Mike Pinto and Orlando locals The Strange Trip opening up the show. Tickets are $14.50.


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Album Review: The Hip Abduction ‘Gold Under the Glow’ by Richie Williams, The Sober Goat, edited by Matthew Weller.



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