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WIN TIX + ARTIST PREVIEW: Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival (Mar 3-6, 2022)

by • February 15, 2022

Okeechobee Music and Art Festival is calling you. Summoning you to South-Central Florida for an experience of a lifetime. Music, art, friends, family, beats and bass drops await you on the other side of the portal. Leave your adult lives behind, find a babysitter for the kids, finish up your school work and transport yourself to the land where the party never stops! Below we break down some of the artist lineup for you and offer a chance to WIN TICKETS. GET TICKETS HERE!

Okeechobee Fest Ticket Giveaway 2022


REZZ ///
Canadian DJ, Isabelle Razazadeh constantly wows the crowd with a balance between bass heavy and minimal tech compositions. She is paving her own path to greatness with original genre-bending tracks. Her studio albums Mass Manipulation, Certain Kind of Magic, and Spiral have all been well received by the EDM community catapulting her up to the headlining spot. Make sure you catch Rezz, because if you don’t, “The Silence is Deafening!”

TWO FEET /// What’s up Okeechobee! Super excited to be back playing one of my favorite festivals. Been waiting a while for this one. We’ve prepped an all new set just for you guys. Hope to see you there!”

– Bill Dess aka Two Feet

DJ, Producer and occasional vocalist, Hedi was inspired by the vibes in Landon’s raves and clubs. She has worked in the dance music scene ever since. Now based in California she is a regular at the West Coast’s finest clubs, underground’s and festivals.

Okee ‘22’s most special set honoring the life and music of CharlestheFirst. His signature “no name” events helped him get to the top of festival lineups, into our hearts and daily playlists. Now his “no name” event will help us to celebrate his music and what it means to us all. Rest in Power, CharlestheFirst.

DRAMA /// Florida has been calling our name. It feels so good to be coming back! Especially in such a peaceful environment. We’ve heard such lovely things about this festival and we can’t wait to be a part of the Magic. We’re bringing “Non-Stop Dance Party with a little Self-Reflection and Possible Tears” to Okeechobee; absolute DRAMA on the Dance Floor, papi! Playing new festivals for the first time is always exciting, it’s really amazing being a part of something that’s so much bigger than just one act. We’re all creating a musical moment together and we’re honored to be contributing this year.”

– Na’el Shehade & Via Rosa /// DRAMA



Australia’s premier psychedelic indie music project lead by multi-instrumentalist Kevin Parker. He writes, records, performs and produces all the music himself. Touring live they appear as a five piece for your musical enjoyment. Touting four Grammy Award nominations, including a nod for Best Rock Song with “Lost in Yesterday.” This set is sure to be a spectacle. Do not miss this!

3.3M listeners on Spotify can’t be wrong. Gary Clark Jr. broke out in 2010 as the newest and greatest for modern electric blues. Hailing from Austin, TX, Clark, Jr. encompasses funk, rock, and hip-hop in his expanding catalog. Endorsed by blues legend, Jimmie Vaughn and collaborations with the likes of Alicia Keys and the Foo Fighters has kept Gary on the top of posters around the country.

Four tet is an English musician who is very active in the electronic music genre. Kieran Hebden fuses hip-hop drum lines with the dissonant jazz samples to create his music. Brings the driving beats since ‘98, Four tet has released at ton of work under many names, none more popular than his 2017 release, New Energy.

Dan Snaith is a Canadian composer, musician, and recording artist who has been performing folktronica, neo-psychedelic, and dream-pop since his days as Manitoba in 2005. Caribou typically plays percussion with a full band when performing a live act. In ‘21 he won the Libera Award for Best Dance/Electric Record for his album, Suddenly.

Her raw rhymes, show-stopping vocals, and limitless energy, Coi Leray creates her own style with dynamic lyrics. She is responsible for two big time albums: EC2 and Everythingcoz.

Elderbrook excels in the studio and live on stage. His three pronged attack as a composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist make him a force in the EDM community. His sensitive and introspective themes explore identity and mental health while keeping the blood pumping. Check out the softer side of EDM at his set!

His colorful narrative videos and love struck songs reminiscent of the ‘90’s are what he is best known for. Arranging and playing everything himself, Gus DAPPERTON dreamily produces sophisticated and catchy indie songs. Born Brendan Rice from Warwick, NY, Dapperton has two studio albums: Where Polly People Go to Read (‘19) & Orca (‘21)

Born in Nigeria and raised in Chicago, tobi lou lives by the mantra, “Just Keep Going.” Once a MLB hopeful, this rising rapper is now inspired by the likes of Common and Lupe Fiasco. It wasn’t until he listened to Kanye West that he was inspired to be his own artist and go his own way. His biggest hit, “I Was Sad Last Night I’m OK Now” has been played over 43 million times on Spotify.

The Backseat Lovers are an indie-rock quartet out of Utah. Forming in the spring of ‘18, they have released an EP in 2018 called Elevator Days and a full length album in 2020 titled, When We Were Friends. These guys put on an upbeat dance party that isn’t to be missed!


Megan Thee Stallion is a Houston rapper who exudes unending confidence by providing sexually charged lyrics with a touch of pop that keeps her on the top of the charts. She owns a pair of number one hits that include a remix of her own track “Savage” with Beyoncé and her feature on Cardi B’s “WAP.” You already know this is the place to be on Saturday night.

GRiZ ///
This man is a funky electronic music machine. He is going full send with three albums in the last three years. His latest release, Rainbow Brain (‘21) is an hour of his transcendent, saxy funk that cannot be denied. Do not miss him. He brings the party every. single. time.

Busting out volume after volume of V!BEZ, Troyboi is the truth. Hailing from Southern London, Troy Henry combines elements of trap, house, bass and future bass to make his one-of-a-kind sound. He has been bringing the noise since his debut in 2010 and continues to wow his audience with stunners like “”Do You?” and “Favorite.”

Pushing the envelope with stellar electronic-indie hits like “Indian Summer,” and “Starlight,” Bangladesh’s Jai Wolf has completed his evolution from live mixing DJ to a top-notch future bass composer. His crowning jewel is his latest album The Cure To Loneliness, which was released in ‘19.

JAI WOLF /// I’ll never forget how incredible the crowd was at my first Okeechobee in 2018. Can’t wait to be back this year and close out a stage with my live show!”

– Jai Wolf – Sajeeb Saha

Justin Boreta, Ed Ma, and Josh Mayer better known as Boreta, edIT, and Ooah come on the scene in 2006. Commingling their complimentary skills and aesthetics into a moving and dynamic artwork that is a beauty to behold. They will be bringing the glitch and electronica from Los Angeles, California all the way to Okeechobee!

Turn the vibes all the way up for Georgia’s Washed Out. His chill wave, synth-pop, and dreamy beats will have you slouching where you stand at this set. Washed Out is responsible for four studio albums including his latest release, Purple Noon (2020). It is guaranteed you leave this set covered head to toe in goosebumps.

CANNONS /// We are thrilled to be a part of the Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival line up this year and celebrate their 5th anniversary. Nothing beats coming back to my home state and doing what I love most!”

– Michelle Joy, Cannons

DJ Harvey was called “the Keith Richards of dance music” by Rolling Stone Magazine as they named him one of 25 DJ’s That Rule The Earth. Non-stop house music is to be expected at this set.

Based in Asheville, NC, Papadosio’s mission is to bring their high-energy technologically perplexing and utterly engaging show to the masses across the country. A staple of the festival scene, this five-piece bucket of big sounds and amazing visuals is here to stay. They keep things fresh by combining organic sounds with the cutting edge of musical technology.

PEPPER /// There’s a first time for everything! First time your 3 kona boys will be bringing the Pepper Ohana to Okeechobee! Can you guys say it with us…? ALOHA F$%KERS!!!!! See you soon, Ohana!”

– Yasod Williams, Pepper

Spawning from Rezz’s 2018 album, Certain Kind of Magic, Deathpact is bringing his future bass and trap to Okeechobee Music Festival. This artist has concealed their identity with a dark mask they wear at all their performances. Everyone at this set is in “Danger!” It’s a “Life & Death” situation!

ABELATION /// I am more than excited to be playing Okeechobee this year! Ever since I first saw photos and videos of the festival from previous years, it quickly became a dream festival for me to perform at. Okeechobee will be my debut festival/show in Florida and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! I can’t wait to connect and meet new people and experience the festival! See you all then!”

     – Reese Downs /// Abelation


Overcoming a creative block and fighting through depression, Porter Robinson recorded Nurture (2021) for the people. Battling through an extensive period of “total emotional struggle,” Robinson persevered to find an adventurous and uplifting path to his own happiness. He is sure to spin his biggest hit, “Shelter,” as well as the rest of his indie electro-house catalog. It’s worth mentioning that he was nominated for Best Dance Recording during the 2019 Grammy Awards.

Producing their most ambitious record to date, Loving In Stereo, Jungle brings their dynamic disco sound to the masses. This British electronic duo was created in ‘13 by Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland. They have four studio albums and a handful of huge hits including “Keep Moving,” “Casio,” and “Busy Earnin’.”

JUNGLE /// We’re really excited to come to Florida for the 5th edition of Okeechobee. The line up is packed full of vibes and it’s an honour to be a part of it. Can’t wait to see all the beautiful faces from the stage.”

– Tom McFarland, JUNGLE

Come have a “Slumber Party” with this Canadian blue haired pop provocateur whose music incorperates themes of empowerment, vengeance, and sexual positivity. Ashton Casey had her first big hit with 2019’s “Stupid” with Yung Baby Tate. She sings, raps, and facilitates one hell of a party!

Steven Ellison out of Los Angeles, California is a DJ, rapper, and record producer. His uniquely crisp and spasmodic sound is filled to the brim with elements of avant-garde jazz, hip-hop, dubstep. He has paired up with huge artists like Thundercat as well as Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, and Kendrick Lamar to create his art. His shows always have a profound visual experience!

CloZee’s organic and eclectic sound make her a force in the EDM community. A purveyor of lucid sounds, France’s coolest producer has made her way to the top of any lineup she’s on. Residing in the world of bass music, CloZee draws inspiration from her frequent travels and the natural world around her. Blowing up with her 2015 track, Koto, producer Chloe Herry utilizes a bunch of instruments including a Chinese Zither (harp) which is 2,500 years old.

CLOZEE /// « My first and only Okeechobee was in 2018, and I’ve been dying to come back since then. Playing on the beach during the sunset was such a magical experience! I’m beyond excited to come back this year with my whole team and bring everyone on a journey on Sunday night. »

– Chloé Herry aka CloZee

Take a “Scenic Drive” with Smino as this St. Louis rapper as he combines hip-hop, funk, and soul in his travels. Singing, songwriting and rapping are on the menu in his critically acclaimed debut album, blkswn. His dreamy but down to Earth tracks will have you caught up in the currents of its woozy beats.

MT. JOY ///
Mt. Joy struck gold with their 2018 self titled album. Containing hits like “Silver Lining,” “Astrovan,” and “Julia” the album’s greatness cannot be denied. Please allow me to introduce you to your newest folk-rock heros! Get lost in their music and find yourself singing your heart out by the end of the night.

BIA ///
BIA is a platinum recording artist who stays in her own lane musically. Racing up the charts, BIA made it big with her Tik-Tok viral single, “Whole Lotta Money.” The deep bass and catchy lyrics allow rapper Biaca Landrau mesmerize her fans and more.

German DJ Sven Vath is a three time DJ Awards winner over the span of his 30 year career. Making it big with his single, “Electrica Salsa,” Vath has been spinning sick tracks since 1986.

SVEN VäTH /// I’ve heard good things about Okeechobee and can’t wait to experience it with you all. I will be playing an extended set on this occasion, Sunday evening 10pm till dawn (7 hours)! Put your dancing shoes on!”


Everyone at this set is sure to make a “Soul Sacrifice” as they dance the night away at this set. His breakthrough anthem, “Utopia” has his sound floating somewhere between grandiose electronic noise and authentic house grooves.

Born Tyler Colon in sunny California, Tai Verdes has been sharing his singing and songwriting since 2020. In May of ‘21 he released his debut full length album, A-O-K, which hit number 34 on the Billboard Hot 100. His breakout single “Stuck in the Middle” made him big, but his performance at Okeechobee 2022 will make him even bigger!




Okeechobee Festival Ticket Giveaway Win 2022

Okeechobee Festival Ticket Giveaway Win 2022




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Okeechobee Fest Ticket Giveaway 2022 Preview by Spencer Storch.

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