COVEX - Okeechobee 2022 Interview

Okeechobee Exclusive — Covex Interview

by • March 3, 2022

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COVEX - Okeechobee 2022 Interview

COVEX – Okeechobee 2022 Interview

Interview with Brendan Bell aka COVEX.

SIGT: Why do you think a space like Okeechobee is so important for artists to be able to connect with their audience?

COVEX: I think when you go to these festivals, you’re able to let go and just leave everything behind. That’s what’s so cool about live music, you’re able to just experience life outside of your own life and be in the present and see incredible music. I think that’s what it’s all about.

SIGT: How’s Covex and your music kind of developed over these years?

COVEX: It’s definitely been through a lot of transformations from 2016 to now. I’ve done a lot of different genres and a lot of different sounds. But over the last few years, I’ve pretty much nailed down what I’m doing direction wise. I put out my debut album in August, and that’s setting the tone for all this new music to come. It’s been awesome. I love getting booked for shows like this.

SIGT: Awesome. Congratulations on the new record. Tell me about that recording process and creating the music.

COVEX: I produced it all by myself just in my bedroom right here where we’re talking. I work with a lot of songwriters and vocalists, so they help out as well. I play piano, I do a little drumming, and I sing. Singing is the number one thing for me, though.

SIGT: What keeps you going and experimenting?

COVEX: Eternal dread. No, I’m kidding. That’s a good question. I honestly just show up every day and try to push myself to come up with something new every time I sit down and produce. I think that always makes me come out with something creative that I haven’t ever heard before. That’s what keeps me going. It’s just the spark.

SIGT: What is next for Covex?

COVEX: Today I just put out a new song with this guy named Grabbitz, who was featured on a REZ song, called “Regret.” Then I got some remixes coming out. I have another really big collab in the summer and then some singles this year.

SIGT: What is one thing that you want to tell the fans at Okee?

COVEX: Try to enjoy the moment as much as possible and make new friends.

Interview by Chuck Magid.



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