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ALBUM REVIEW: The Werks – ‘Magic’ – Released March 17, 2017

by • March 25, 2017

Hi, I’m Richie, and I’m a Werker, a faithful fan of Dayton/Columbus, Ohio-based psychedelic dance rock band follow source url gulf oil spill research paper synthroid order on line see doxycycline doryx argumentative essay writers for hire uk undergraduate thesis in microbiology abgelaufene cialis thesis on quantitative easing essay on doraemon for kids case study using narrative analysis pictures of prednisone see url levitra link move to othello change essay easyjet new york fire safety director resume sample here sideffects of animal lasix abuse of the erectile dysfunction viagra music and my life essay go to site essay hanachi custom research papers online nietzsche second essay cialis for altitude sickness how to make our resume The Werks who just released their fifth album, Magic. Working with lead engineer and producer Joe Viers in Sonic Lounge Studios, this album was recorded with a rare Amek/Neve 9098i mixing console.

‘Magic’ Has Arrived


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‘Name Your Price’:

The Werks are Rob Chafin (Drums, Vocals, Samples), Chris Houser (Guitar, Vocals), Jake Goldberg (Bass, Vocals), and Dan Shaw (Keyboards, Vocals). Rob and Chris are original members. Dan took over keys in 2014, and Jake joined in 2016 on bass.

This album has 8 tracks and runs about 40 minutes. There is a clearly a unison within the group and they are on fire! Each track has its own unique sound that collectively form one damn good set of music. From reggae to dance jam rock, from fast to slow, from dreamlike to reality, Magic touches all corners of The Werks’ stylings and reaches beyond, showing the band’s evolution while at the same time sustaining their native sound. Chris says “This is our first truly multi-genre album.”

Track 1) “Wide Awake” – This brings the upbeat reggae vibes and immediately wakes you up and gets your head nodding. 

When you’re finally wide awake. Not afraid to be persuaded by a warm embrace. Well, just rise above to escape the hate, Because nothing can be better than what love creates.”

Track 2) “Magic” – From wide awake to a dream, “Magic” begins with an earthy tone that quickly put me into a wondrous rocking state of pondering. The theme of this relaxing downtempo tune seems to be about about overcoming the ‘If it’s too good to be true, it probably is’ notion by believing that she is magic. Do you believe in magic? Is she the good kind of magic, or maybe Frank Sinatra was right and it’s wicked witchcraft.

She is Lilith, she is creed, goddess for eternity. Enlightens all she ever sees, shelter to those who seek. A skeptic’s heart is torn apart, now do you believe? Do you believe, she’s magic?”

Track 3) “Into the Moss” – Happy guitar riffs fill your ears, a few taps on the cymbals then the reset of the drums and band join in. A mellow groove is found quickly. I love when I listen to a band and then think of other bands they remind me of or sound like. This instrumental song sounds like a meshing of My Morning Jacket and Phish, and its phantastic.

Track 4) “Slab” – Slow piano and high vocals immediate dominate the intro before absolutely ripping into one of the funkiest rock riffs I’ve ever heard. This back forth plays out a few times while a story is sung about a man having his soul stolen from a demon. Life is rough and the struggle is real… don’t lose yourself. The peak of the song  definitely reaches some high energy feels.

Now he found himself running, from what he did not know. When he glanced back to catch a glimpse of what was after him, there were no prints in the snow.”

Track 5) “Moonset” – This instrumental jamtronica tune gets the digital glitch and ambient rave sounds brewing and eventually mixes into a delicious concoction. There were a few moments where I thought I was listening to Zoogma or Break Science.

Track 6) “Compares to You” – This is the epitome of love right here. No matter what one may say or do, love rules all and is always on the mind. This rocking song made me smile.

You don’t need to tell me, no one that I know compares to you. No one compares to you. And I swear, I see an angel there.”

Track 7) “Moving On” – Remember way back when I mentioned a band reminding me of other bands? It happened again. The String Cheese Incident is what this song instantly reminded me of. I guess it’s the tone, beat, lyrics, and the way the singer sounds, it just has a cheesy feel. 🙂 But hey, that’s just me. With a track time of 8:36, this is the longest track on the album and they use that time wisely to get all sorts of weird in the jam section, cracking a window into their improvisational capabilities.

You’ve been high and low for far too long. It’s time to leave those days behind and finally move on.”

Track 8) “Light’s Out” – Solid instrumental to finish strong. One last time… other bands this song sounds like: Lettuce, Turkuaz, Earphunk, etc.!!!


The Werks Tour Dates

Date | Venue | Location

MAR 25 | The Werks at The Top Hat Sat 9 PM MDT | Missoula, MT

MAR 28 | The Werks at Big Dipper Tue 8 PM PDT | Spokane, WA

MAR 29 | The Werks with Brothers Gow Wed 8 PM PDT | Nectar Lounge | Seattle, WA

MAR 30 | The Werks + Brothers Gow at Wild Buffalo Thu 8 PM PDT | Bellingham, WA

MAR 31 | The Werks + Brothers Gow at Star Theater

APR 1 | The Werks + Brothers Gow at Domino Room | Sat 8 PM PDT | Bend, OR

APR 2 | The Werks w/ Brothers Gow at Hi-Fi Music Hall Sun 8 PM PDT | Eugene, OR

APR 3 | The Werks + Brothers Gow at Applegate Lodge | Applegate River Lodge and Restaurant | Applegate, OR

APR 4 | The Werks + Brothers Gow at Humbrews | Tue 8 PM PDT | Arcata, CA

APR 5 | Free Show! The Werks + Brothers Gow at Crystal Bay Club Wed 8 PM MDT | Crystal Bay Club Lake Tahoe

APR 6 | The Werks + Brothers Gow at The Independent | Thu 8:30 PM PDT | San Francisco, CA

APR 7 | The Werks + Brothers Gow at The Satellite Fri 8 PM PDT | Los Angeles, CA

APR 8 | The Werks + Brothers Gow at Winstons Sat 9:30 PM PDT | WinstonsOB
San Diego, CA

APR 9 | The Werks at Last Exit Live Sun 8 PM MST | Last Exit Live | Phoenix, AZ

APR 18 | Dopapod + The Werks in Urbana, IL 4/18 | Tue 9 PM | The Canopy Club | Urbana, IL

APR 19 | The Werks + Dopapod at The Ready Room Wed 7 PM | St. Louis, MO

APR 20 | The Werks + Dopapod at Cosmic Charlies Thu 7 PM EDT | Lexington, KY

APR 21 | SweetWater 420 Fest 2017 | Apr 21 – Apr 23 – SweetWater 420 Festival
Atlanta, GA

APR 22 | Tuck Fest 2017 | Apr 22 – Apr 23 – US National Whitewater Center
Charlotte, NC

APR 26 | The Werks w/ Earphorik at Exit/In Wed 8 PM | Nashville, TN

APR 27 | The Werks + Earphorik at Zydeco Thu 6 PM – ZYDECO | Birmingham, AL

APR 28 | Fest By Nite 2017 | Apr 28 – May 7 – The Howlin Wolf New Orleans | New Orleans, LA

APR 29 | Break Science Live Band w/ The Russ Liquid Test & The Werks Sat 11 PM – The Howlin Wolf New Orleans | New Orleans, LA

MAY 4 | Phunkberry Music Festival – May 4 – May 6, 2017 | May 4 – May 7 – The Farm – Campground & Events – Eureka Springs | Eureka Springs, AR

MAY 5 | The 2017 Pyro de Mayo Arts & Music Festival with Nahko & Medicine for the People, Rising Appalachia & The Werks! May 5 – May 7 – Nelson Ledges Quarry Park
Garrettsville, OH

MAY 26 | StrangeCreek Campout 2017 *Official* | May 26 – May 29 – Wormtown Trading Co. | Oxford, MA

MAY 26 | Wind Rider Mountain Festival | May 26 – May 28 – Ski Apache
Alto, NM

MAY 26 | Summer Camp Music Festival 2017 | May 26 – May 28 – Three Sisters Park
Chillicothe, IL

JUN 29 | 27th Annual High Sierra Music Festival | Jun 29 – Jul 3 – Plumas County Fairgrounds | Quincy, CA

JUL 13 | Camp Bisco 2017 Jul 13 – Jul 16 | Montage Mountain | Scranton, PA

AUG 3 | The Werk Out Music and Arts Festival Aug 3 – Aug 5 – Legend Valley Concert Venue and Campground | Thornville, OH

AUG 10 | The Peach Music Festival Aug 10 – Aug 13 | The Pavilion at Montage Mountain | Scranton, PA

ALBUM REVIEW: The Werks – ‘Magic’ by Richie Williams (The Sober Goat)


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