Welcome To Rockville 2022 Lineup Foo Fighters Guns and Roses KISS

Welcome To Rockville 2022 Lineup — KISS, Foo Fighters, Guns N’ Roses, Korn

by • November 13, 2021

Welcome To Rockville 2022 Headliners have been announced! The epic announcement happened on-site during the festival on Friday afternoon with large art wall installations revealing the headliners one-by-one, along with video from the stages. 

KISS are headlining Night 1.

KORN are headlining Night 2.

GUNS N’ ROSES are headlining Night 3.

FOO FIGHTERS are headlining Night 4.


We’ve heard the first wave lineup is coming out mid-December and, don’t quote us, BUT there will be lots of big/classic surprises.

This post will be updated with more Welcome To Rockville 2022 Lineup Announcements!

Welcome To Rockville 2022 Lineup by Mitch.




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