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TWENTY ONE PILOTS Announce 2016 Summer Tour! PRESALE PASSWORD Inside! | Orlando, FL On Sale Now!

by • October 29, 2015

EMOTIONAL. ROADSHOW. If you haven’t already heard about Twenty One Pilots gigantic summer tour, well then get ready; they’re coming to a stadium near you. That’s right, a stadium. The schizoid pop/rap duo are famous for filling small venues to their max capacity (Read our Twenty One Pilots Live Review at House of Blues 2015 and read our Twenty One Pilots Live Review at The Beacham in 2013). However, this summer, they’re playing venues that dwarf those dinky little rooms. Sorry House of Blues, but you just won’t do this time; Amway Center will be packed to the max on July 1st, 2016 when the Ohio boys hit the stage in our own Orlando, FL.


The Columbus natives are currently on tour supporting their new album, Blurryface, which has an average of 4,543 people per show and the biggest venue with a capacity of 159,000. “EMOTIONAL ROADSHOW” (it needs to be in caps because yes, I’m shouting; this is huge), is said to supposedly have an average of 13,354 people per show and a capacity at a whopping total of 507,469.

With these big numbers there could be a possibility that they won’t be able to convey to the nosebleed seats in the back. Perhaps, their usual high energy antics will seem mousy in comparison to a typical show? Let’s look at this way. There are five types of matter; solid, liquid, gas, plasma, Bose-Einstein condensates. The three musical elements a band needs to succeed are: great material, a loyal following, and an amazing live performance. Twenty One Pilots have checked off all of these on that list. They are a gas; they have no definite shape or form. Their ‘kinetic energy’ will carry them from sweaty, packed basements to an open air arena with ease. The only question is what part of their wheelhouse will they bring?


The poster that has been splashed all over social media since October 26th has Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun back in their signature suits. I can only hope this means that we will hear more of their old reliables off their self-titled album such as, “A Car, A Torch, A Death,” “Air Catcher,” and “Be Concerned” (off of Regional at Best).

Twenty One Pilots Orlando 2016


It’s safe to say these two are not regional at best anymore, though. They have earned major worldwide attention in 2015 and will continue to tour for Blurryface until the middle of April 2016 and then will kick off “EMOTIONAL ROADSHOW” in their home state at the end of May. Tyler Joseph posted this recently on his Instagram, giving us an idea of maybe the reason behind the tour name, 

the emotional — this is who we are. to suppress or ignore this would be one step closer to not existing. music takes what little emotion we have have and cradles it, protects it, and nourishes it. ::emotional:: we are that, and that is good. ” [sic]

The tour will have a total of 39 stops across the country ending with the coup de gras at the holy grail of venues, Madison Square Garden. This will probably mean a little bit of a (well deserved), hiatus for the band as it will have been almost a whole two years of touring and if this show is anything like a usual Twentyone Pilots show then they will need a long break. You will leave this performance like a balloon in a state of confusion; not knowing whether you have already burst or are still floating up, up; completely depleted and completely full. 

Tickets for “EMOTIONAL ROADSHOW” are available for regular sale on Friday, October 30th. If you’re itching to see them sooner, you can catch them at the Next Big Thing in Tampa or The Big Ticket in Jacksonville with other names such as Of Monsters and Men, Walk the Moon, X Ambassadors, and more!


Twenty One Pilots Orlando 2016 preview By Sarah Schumaker.

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