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PREMIERE: This Frontier Needs Heroes| “I Love Immigration”

by • August 16, 2016

Imagine a homogeneous America. No taquerias. No Indian buffets. No friends with names like Perez or Patel. Pervasive group think characterizing our vast land. This Frontier Needs Heroes invites us to ponder that hypothetical in the negative space of their latest single, “I Love Immigration” from the forthcoming album, Real Job.

A strong political statement is often toxic, especially in today’s public discourse. But for This Frontier Needs Heroes, vitriol is eschewed in favor of a clear message. The song is a singalong. A tune about the importance of diversity to a dynamic society. It is a love song celebrating one of our core values as Americans.

Duo Brad Lauretti and Sadie Frederick wrote most of the songs for This Frontier Needs Heroes’ Real Job at the Stetson Kennedy Songwriter Residency, where, Woody Guthrie penned eighty songs. The spirit of that place and Guthrie’s influence are apparent on the album’s first two singles. “I Love Immigration” falls in step with the first single “Free Market Music”. Ever political, the gloves are off for This Frontier Needs Heroes. These are songs that stick in your head in the best way and for the best reasons. They are good tunes with important messages.

Each word is carefully chosen and enunciated so the message is driven home repeatedly. Lauretti employs simple rhyming to hit all the powerful points. Immigration is the “driving force behind our nation.

“I Love Immigration” Review by Jason Earle.
Feature Image by Dennis Ho.

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