The States I'm Still Here Video Premiere

VIDEO: THE STATES Premiere Live Recording of “I’m Still Here”

by • October 18, 2017

This is a song of painful loss. The States perform as a five-piece rock and roll force, but this video offers a bit of darkness to show the little light inside us.

Joshua Jacobs from The States shares: 

It was originally written as a response to the Paris attacks and rewritten to incorporate the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, FL. This song is for victims of tragedy, unrest, and injustice.”

“I’m Still Here” Lyrics:

Dark is the shadows,
That plague our souls,
Your hands were cold as ice
They break me down, they break me down

But I’m still here,

We watched your bodies,
As they fell to the ground,
And our hearts are good as lost,
But we will be found, we will be found

Cause I’m still here,

But I don’t want a thousand hills,
Just teach me to love what I fear,
Cause all we are is broken,
But tonight I am still here
And for tonight we’ll stay there.

The States “I’m Still Here” Video Premiere by Mitch.

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