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STREAM: WATSKY new song “Talking To Myself” | And, Win Watsky’s Car!

by • August 2, 2016

This new video for Watsky’s new single “Talking To Myself” is gorgeous. But, the words are where the true beauty lies. It’s personally strange how Watsky plays large roles in my major life scenes. Especially in this case, when I was feeling a little (really) off and have a lot to say and pace around my tiny house, talking to myself. He slaps perspective into those stiff cells surrounding my brain and cuts right through pain and helps. x Infinity thanks, George Watsky.

One day you opened up your eyes
Inside of you
Inside a world
Inside a universe
You didn’t get to choose

You didn’t get to pick the rules
or pick the past
or set the pace

Or cast the cast and crew
you didn’t get to pick your starting place

And though it was a race you didn’t understand
You simply lined up on the blocks
and when the pistol popped you ran

And when you tripped and dropped
you picked yourself up off the ground

And picked your scabs
you knew you had to pick a plan
to end what you began” 

And, you can win his car — Subaru — if you pre-order the new album, x Infinity, which comes out August 19! 


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Watsky 2016 new music and car giveaway written by Mitch.

MARCH 14-17, 2024


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