LISTEN: Panic! at the Disco Album Announcement and Song Release! | ‘Death of a Bachelor’ out January 15, 2016

by • October 24, 2015

Panic! at the Disco have been dropping singles for the past couple of months leading up to their new album. It all felt a little flat with tracks, like “Hallelujah,” coming across trite and strained even on lead singer, Brendon Urie’s normally stellar pipes. Next came “Death of a Bachelor” with an almost unrecognizable smooth jazz sound layered with synth; an ode to Urie’s love for Frank Sinatra. “Victorious” was the third single to drop and it was closer to the pop punk, dance vibe that we’ve come to know and love from the band. Leave it to the theatrical frontman to always keep us on our toes, though.

Panic At The Disco Death of a Bachelor

On October 21st, the band announced that their album, Death of a Bachelor will have a release date of January 15, 2016. “Welcome to the end of eras …” Urie writes on the band’s page. Is this a premonition to a last record for the Panic! boys? If so, they’ll be going out on top. Urie says this album is

… more like a confessional, and the album title is an homage of sorts to the years of partying and his wife.”

The newest release, “Emperor’s New Clothes,” came with a video which was a continuation of the dream like, “This is Gospel,” which has Urie running towards a light likened to heaven. The lead singer finds himself in what can only be hell, morphing into Beelzebub himself. The visceral imagery is a perfect match with Brendon Urie’s signature high notes weaving throughout the track. Get ready to get inside the elevator and press the button all the way down to a sub-level below the bottom floor. If “This is Gospel” was Urie begging for redemption, then “Emperor’s New Clothes is the lead singer accepting his fate, snatching the crown, and sitting on his rightful throne like King Joffrey himself. For Panic! at the Disco, it’s good to be bad. Check out the new single, “Emperor’s New Clothes,” below.

Panic! at the Disco album announcement by Sarah Schumaker.

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