OMF Artists of the Week 2017

OMF 2017 Artists Of The Week 1/31-2/7 | Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Polyenso, Gallant, Snakehips, Futurebirds

by • January 31, 2017

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Rainbow Kitten Surprise. Noted influences from The Avett Brothers to Lana Del Ray should give you a sense of the kind of wild card this band is. I mean, with a name like that, are you (Rainbow Kitten) suprised? (Sorry.) The five dudes from the mountains of North Carolina gather sounds from every genre and create the perfect disturbed marriage of devastating emo candor and haunting folk. “That’s My Shit”, the closing track off of their first album, Seven + Mary, exemplifies again just how uninhibited these guys are whilst creating. It feels like an uncomfortable sit down at a cult-like ritual with steady drums beating, chanting (“NO DISRESPECT BABY, BUT THAT’S MY SHIT, THAT’S MY SHIT”), and rounds of creepy angel-like coos coming in and out. Their latest release, RKS, in 2015 is even more erratic and driving. “Cocaine Jesus” is gutting.

“I hope you miss me sometimes
When you see a frame that reminds you of me, would you remember the times,
oh the times that we believed
In a Cocaine Jesus in a black four-seater.”

Yea, fuck….

Check ?: “Devil Like Me”, “First Class”, “Cold Love”


Polyenso. I saw these boys from Florida at the hottest point of the day, in the middle of the afternoon at day 2 of Hulaween and they still had me moving so hard, sweaty pits be damned! Their Neopolitan of sound is a little electronic, funk, and indie soul in one delectable warm waffle cone which, as aforementioned, doesn’t curdle in the sun. These home state guys have been polishing their sound since 2008 and it’s only been getting better with Pure in the Plastic as their most recent musical blessing to us mere mortals. A warmth is emitted when Polyenso plays; a feeling of self awareness and safety in the light they cast which enables you to get the funk down. Give up, give in to it.

Check ?: “Osaka Son”, “Cherry Life”


Gallant. “Weight in Gold” was on my most played in 2016 playlist off of Spotify. I thought I was one smooth operator I suppose, because this croon from the 24 year old alt R&B artist is sex-shoo-wool, let me tell ya what! His pure soaring vocals take you higher and higher as small record sounds crackle softly underneath. Gallant’s talent has not gone unnoticed from collaborations with the likes of Seal (he also performed Seal’s “Crazy” at Coachella 2016, where he sang both weekends,) and opening for Sufjan Stevens this past year, his star is rightly rising. Grab a body and groove to his sweet, sweet falsetto at Okeechobee.

Check ? : “Bourbon”, “Talking To Myself”


Snakehips. You might’ve missed the little punch-packing EP All My Friends in 2016 but, Snakehips knocked it out of the park with AMF. Boasting features from Chance The Rapper, Tinashe, and other OMF artist Anderson .Paak(fingers crossed on the three performing “Money On Me” for endless sexy vibes PLS), it set the tone for good times. The producers, Oliver Lee and James Carter, from the UK found their niche in remixing tracks like Banks’ “Warm Water” but have since created their own signature blend of electronic, hip-hop, and R&B. “Don’t Leave” with MO is sonic bliss. Downbeat, fuzzed out cries, and MO’s powerhouse vocals bang on this track.

I may never get my shit together but ain’t nobody gonna love you better.”

– said me and every single person ever for the rest of time.

Check ? : “Money On Me”, “All My Friends”


Futurebirds. Perfect reverb and songs which make you believe in love like your grandparents did. Coming onto the scene from ideal Athens, GA in 2010 with Hampton’s Lullaby, Futurebirds proved themselves early. Several projects later and the five guys have only continued to grow stronger in their slight psych, country-rock noise. These are the vibes that are likely to make you homesick and wanderlustful all at once. Their sound allows the listener to both question and answer the amalgam of heart vs. head. A never ending shitty, wonderful battle. A battle made better accompanied by warm beer, good people, and a beautiful surrounding; Okee’s beautiful sprawling space.

Check ? : “Slow Talkerz”, “Virginia Slims”



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OMF 2017 Artists Of The Week 1/31-2/7 by Sarah Schumaker

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