Sarah Okeechobee Day 1 2018

Okee Ramblings: Thursday Night Thoughts/Friday Feels | Okeechobee Music Festival 2018

by • March 2, 2018

Walking around the grounds of Chobeewobee Village at night by yourself is no different than wandering through Downtown Orlando under the cover of darkness.

Yes, there are a lot more glittered tits, but, there’s a similar feeling of calm and focus amongst the chaos and shiny bosoms. 

There are cliques. Segregated groups. The dancers. The shakers. The stoners. The wooks. The half-dressed, the half-there, half-here, sweet whirrings of humans moving too fast. Like apparitions, their movement cannot be captured. They exist only in this space and this space exists because of them

Because of us. 

What was once empty instagrammable fields of wheat blowing slow in the middle of Florida are now fields of wheat filled with instagrammer’s blowing smoke. 

We breed the irony into existence and fall right into the cliches we make memes about. 

Social Media is meant to be emotional. That is clear in this space. There is no time to be shy or fear connection. 


And that is beautiful. 

Outside of here my blue hair is “funky.” Here it is subtle. An adjective I am not known for. My heart breaks when I get dressed in the morning. My body is a battleground of love and disgust for that love. 

Is it too much?

Who will accept me?

How the hell am I suppose to forget grief?

Should I get bangs?

Lucky for me, (and 30,000 other people) time is an indiscernible concept out here. We are fortunate to drink beer before 9am and camp next to strangers who know more about Kangaroos and crystal healing than we do.  

Thursday night is for debauchery. Friday has an agenda. 

The Grove is open and we beings have places to be and artists to see. 

Today I’ll do my best to get to Flipturn, Magic City Hippies, Hippo Campus, Sylvan Esso, Berhana, The Districts, Tycho, Khalid, Chicano Batman, Lettuce, Foster The People, and as far from Bassnectar as possible. 

Okeechobee Music Festival 2018

More coverage to follow! <3

Happy Okee y’all!!!! 🙂 

Okeechobee 2018 Lineup 2nd Wave Poster

Okeechobee Music Festival 2018 by Sarah Schumaker 

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