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New Music Monday: Soccer Mommy

by • March 26, 2018

Sophie Allison is coolly uprooting your hidden emotions under the guise of Soccer Mommy. And, I mean, very coolly. 

Her debut album, Clean, came out via Fat Possum Records March 2.

Soccer Mommy Clean Fat Possum Records

Clean sounds like Sophie sitting down in her bedroom after midnight, lighting a joint, and reckoning with all of her romantic demons. She’s warm and vulnerable off the rip with “Still Clean.” Allison invites us to experience her rollercoaster of seasons as she learns to navigate fleeting love and false promises.

In the summer
You said you loved me like an animal
Stayed beside me
Just enough to keep your belly full
Then you took me down to the water
Got your mouth all clean
Left me drowning
Once you picked me out your bloody teeth.

It is an uneasy warmness, though; unsettling in how open she is and how beautifully she paints her pain.

“Cool” and “Your Dog” come in with Liz Phair ala Exile in Guyville vibes; dark guitar and hella confidence. 

The beauty of Soccer Mommy lies in her ability to own each transient state and capture it so vividly. She’s inflamed in an instant and then soft and lovey, cooing out feelings about how cruel love can be and perhaps, how cruel we are to ourselves in pursuit of it.

‘Flaw’ is a really dark song for me. It was about a situation I had never written about, but it was one that had always stuck with me and irked me. It felt really cathartic to get it out, but it still kind of puts me in a weird mood.”

Flaw might be the most relatable song of 2018, so far. 

“Baby I lost my faith
I kissed him on the second date
Spent the evening at his place
He filled me with a different name
I should have known that some things stain
Love and lust won’t feel the same.

Sophie lets each side of herself spin the dial across Clean. By the time “Wildflowers” closes out the album, there’s a palpable sense of who this artist is and exactly what she’s capable of, which is eviscerating honesty, and it’s the perfect introduction.  

She’s booked solid through September 2018 with tours in the U.S. and Europe. She’s also supported Phoebe Bridgers, Jay Som, Mitski, and Slowdive.

Come see what the fucking fuss is about. 

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