SIGT Mag 09 - Nate Landwer Interview

THE INDIE PROMOTER /// Interview with Nate Landwer [The New Standard]

by • July 8, 2020

Article originally featured in SIGT Magazine Issue #09 /// Page #16-17
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SIGT Mag 09 - Nate Landwer Interview


Daddy of: The New Standard ///
Last Show Attended: Bob Weir & Wolf Bros at Jannus Live (March 2020)
First Show Ever: Monsters of Rock in Tampa — Van Halen, Metallica, and The Scorpions (Nate was 9 years old.)


With all the different genres, days of the week, and time slots, we were running three shows a night, every day. When the lockdown first happened we were waiting to see who was closing (of our competition). No one really knew what to do. I knew there was opportunity here, I just didn’t know where it was. I found myself struggling with wanting to do more. When I came to the realization that the musicians weren’t going to be able to earn [money], I went out and bought a camera. We started to gain some traction and I went out and bought a second camera and a third. At this point, live streaming has become part of the business model. It’s pretty cool after 90 days we can say — now we do this!

Prior to even buying the restaurant, I wanted to get into live streaming. I reached out to Brad Serling, the owner of and (guessed on his email address) to see if he wanted to do a joint venture with me back in 2018. We went back and forth via email and, although he wasn’t interested at the time, the conversation gave me the indication that I was on to something. At this point, with what we’re doing at The New Standard, I feel like we’re getting to the point where we can monetize streaming for the musicians. It’s opened up a lot of doors and offered a lot of new ways to look at things. It’s good to see the community supporting the artist, putting money in their pocket (via the artist’s Venmo and/or PayPal up on the screen), and I am feeding them dinner and giving them drinks while they are here. The model when we first 16 started was — let’s bring these musicians in here and treat them better than anybody else, show them who we are and that we’re real, and that we’re not trying to commoditize them, and pay them well. The reception has been really good. We started to book some national acts and we treated them really well and then word kinda started to get out. We still got a long way to go but the tale of the tape so far has been pretty positive.


When everybody else stopped I said “fuck this, I’m not going to stop.” I’m not stopping. I fought for it, too. There were people within the organization that were not up for it. I said no, we’re not stopping. This is an opportunity for us to become a pillar in the community and show our value system and who we are. I’m really proud of the team we put together and how we bonded through it. The best thing is how  we’re starting to see the success from some of the ingenuity that came from it. This is why we’re in business — to do fun stuff like this and get good results! I’m proud of  everybody for stepping up. It’s a symbiotic relationship for sure. The biggest positive out of all this was certainly the team getting closer with regards to the restaurant and coming together to make it through in such a sensitive time.


Live streaming will absolutely be a permanent fixture here moving forward, no question about it. We’ll stream seven days a week unless a national act says they don’t want us to. I think it’s good because it shows the energy we have going on here, it helps elevate the artist, and helps us stay on our top game with sound and lights and everything. Our commitment to live streaming in our business model has never been stronger. There is a big announcement coming in the very near future.

George Porter Jr. got rescheduled (Nov 13). Justin Townes Earle got rescheduled (Aug 22). I think there will be a lot  of unique collaboration opportunities with festival season not happening. I’ve been telling some key people to come down as a resident player for a week and create.


Keeping your ears and your mind open. If you’re a [music] player yourself, DO NOT STOP. You are way too talented to even think that’s an option. If you want it, go get it. Don’t stop until you get it.


I think they’re already here, man. Maybe we’re the aliens. I think there are probably aliens out there but we’re too dumb to them, they don’t want to interact with us. It seems like we’re just waiting on our chance to meet them. 

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/// SIGT Mag 09 – Nate Landwer Interview by Mitch Foster.

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