Lucero Live Review 2017

LUCERO: LIVE REVIEW + PHOTOS w/ Two Cow Garage | House of Independents | 11/11, 2017

by • November 12, 2017

Doug’s driving. I’m getting drunk.

When we grow, we make mistakes. We fail. We learn. We become better every single day. Micah Schnabel and Shane Sweeney push one another to be better humans and love each other the way band mates should. They’re in this together.

We’re all just figuring it out as we go. We were born to fill a void inside our confused parents. And then we’re left here to die all alone”

Two Cow Garage lyrics are powerful political speeches. Without the negativity of course. More like, this is how we can change and be better!

We don’t need old, rich, white men to tell us who we can kiss goodnight!”

Two Cow Garage Live Review 2017

Seven hours and 42 minutes in a van is what Two Cow Garage’s day looks like on the way to Jersey. I’m lucky to be in this room against the bricks with a cold PBR. I’m lucky to be. Shane shares his head space, “We’re all adults now. And sometimes we make terrible career ending mistakes. It’s alright to make mistakes and admit when you’re wrong, but it’s not alright to live through it and not try to change!”

Weakerthans are playing over the PA. The special is a PBR tallboy and well whiskey for $8. I’m gonna have 8.

I think Doug farted.

Lucero shows are an intoxicated emotional coaster. It fills me with happiness to see Ben Nichols. I’ve never seen them play the same set twice, but Lucero shows certainly change after they play “Nights Like These.”

She had a weakness for writers. And I, I was never that good at the words anyways”

I really hope the Lucero drummer (Roy Berry) has a hidden power where he can beat the shit out of the drums when he summons it. He plays very precisely but at an unusually low intensity (maybe I see too many rock bands?). I mean, he’s got a taxidermy gator head wrapped in a pink boa, sitting on his bass drum, a hat with a bicycle on it, and a tuxedo t-shirt — he’s covering a lot of emotions there. I challenge this dude to a drum off, I want to see him turn Super Saiyan.

Lucero Live Review - Roy Drums

I wonder why people feel urges to make negative comments. “I hate the buckeyes,” “I don’t like that guy,” etc. I pretend I’m the rubber part like when I was a kid … I’m rubber, you’re glue, etc.

This room is packed. The same dude now has his head down and eyes closed and is shut-the-fuck up feeling the emotions he never is allowed the express around the people he associates with. He is free right now. It’s beautiful.

Lucero Live Review 2017

I’ve never made it through a Lucero show without taking a piss. Doug is asleep by the bathrooms in a leather chair, waiting on me while I empty my whiskey heart. He once performed at CBGB in NYC and was paid $37 in 1988. He bumped his amp into Joey Ramone and apologized. When Doug’s wife was 17, she made out with Dee Dee Ramone.

I’ve just taken my fourth shot and beer. I’ve also now have been trusted with Doug’s camera!

Lucero is taking requests. We’re 20+ songs in. “My Best Girl” comes up and my head sinks. I fucking love this song. There’s not a mouth in the room without a smile or smirk.

I’m eager to meet Two Cow Garage frontman, Micah Schnabel after the show. He recently spoke with SIGT Staff Writer Jason Earle for The Marinade podcast (LISTEN HERE). He remembers SIGT and The Marinade Podcast and is appreciative and humbled. In reference to the podcast interview,  he comments, “That went super well!” It’s very humbling.

Micah Two Cow Garage and Mitch SIGT

I made it through four of the drink specials. I want to drink Lucero Cask Whiskey made by Asbury Park Distilling Co. next door. Turns out, they work through a loophole in the system — the only way you can drink there is if you take a “distillery tour,” which ended already. 🙁

I wanna drop acid in the park on the 4th of July.”

Totally doing that this year.

House of Independents is a gorgeous little addition to my favorite venues in the world. Brick walls. Intimate. Not cramped. Clean bathrooms. Reasonable drink prices. Beautiful sound. Thank you for breathing life into music.

Lucero Live Review w/ Two Cow Garage by Mitch.
Lucero Live Photos w/ Two Cow Garage by Doug.


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