The Marinade with Jason Earle Episode 3 | Micah Schnabel (of Two Cow Garage)

by • October 8, 2017

Micah Schnabel has made a brilliant solo record that takes on race, class and politics in a way that most artists either can’t or would not dare. Your New Norman Rockwell is the Two Cow Garage singer, guitarist, and songwriter’s first solo effort in two years. The gloves came off for this record, with Schnabel taking the current discourse in American politics and policy to task. It is intensely personal and political- an important piece of art that we highly recommend you put into heavy rotation.

Schnabel already had a handful of excellent solo records to compliment his work with Two Cow Garage, but he was not content to simply ride on his resume. 

‘If I wanted to start really getting things done, I had to sit down and do the work. The more I dedicated myself to it (writing, music, anything else), the better things have gotten. I wake up every day and allow myself to fail. I write poorly and then throw it away. Every poor thing you create you’re closer to something better.’ -Micah Schnabel

Schnabel sat down for an episode of The Marinade where he discussed how he approaches his craft, the absurdity of being proud of where you are from, and why the pledge of allegiance is a terrifying practice.

Click the player above to stream The Marinade with Jason Earle, or download the show on iTunes or Stitcher. Spread the word and give us a rating if you like what you hear. Cheers, y’all.

The Marinade with Jason Earle Episode 3 Announcement by Jason Earle.

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