Brian Posehn Live Review

I Got Super High with Brian Posehn And He Taught Me A Life Lesson | Brian Posehn Live Review | Backbooth Orlando | December 11 2014

by • January 29, 2015

While in the appropriately titled “green room,” Brian Posehn and I, and several other people, shared a few J’s, jokes, and personal stories. He got a little deep, while maintaining his modesty. “When I was learning how to do stand-up, I used to “bomb” on purpose. It was an exercise. Something I learned how to get good at. This way, if I ever found myself telling a shit joke that wasn’t well received, I knew exactly how to dig myself out of the hole.”

Wow. That fucking blew my mind. Brilliant.

Sometimes the reason it takes me so long to write these reviews is because I’m high. It’s about time that “getting high” paid off. Brian Posehn taught me a lesson that night. That guy thinks about things differently, especially comedy and life. He taught me that you should always prepare for the worst. And the way you prepare for such is by putting yourself into the worst possible case scenario, committing to it, and learning how to deal with the consequences (of course this isn’t applicable to all life scenarios so don’t go fucking rob a 711 of some stupid shit). If you prepare for the worst you’ll always be humbled when you do your best and you’ll know how to dig yourself out a shit hole, bad situation. It’s like a safeguard to prevent you from being let down.

Brian Posehn Live Review & Mitch

After the show and “sesh,” I thought about my thoughts over a few pints of Guinness at Orlando’s best Irish bar, Lizzy McCormack’s. My night of emotions began with laughter, was layered with insightfulness, then carefully numbed by Guinness. A great night, indeed. Thank you for that, Brian Posehn.

Brian Posehn Live Review by Mitch Foster.

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