Giraffage and Sweater Beats “Too Real Tour” | The Social | Orlando, FL | December 13, 2017

by • December 13, 2017

On his Soundcloud, Giraffage labels his music as “poppy nonsense.” It might not sound too enticing, but to say he’s selling himself short is an understatement. The California producer started out working with chiptune, and later began to dabble with the incorporation of some pop and R&B vibes. Eventually, his music evolved into a type of up-tempo future bass groove, sprinkled with slightly ambient tracks ala his collaboration with Orlando-native XXYYXX.

But lately, he’s shown just how much his sound has matured. His full-length album “Too Real,” released last month, is packed with chill beats that almost throw you back to the 80s, and some tunes that are reminiscent of Louis Futon’s funky style. “Earth” even toes the line between more mid-tempo techno and synthwave.

It’ll be a treat to see how he mixes all his different styles from each of his musical eras onstage, and I’m especially excited to see it happen with his partner in crime on the tour, Sweater Beats.

Sweater Beats is one of the most unique producers who mixes recorded tracks with his guitar skills during a live show. By combining elements of pop, R&B, funk, EDM, and even a little jazz, his performances make for a thrilling experience where you can’t help but move to the groove. It’s easy to appreciate his artistry as he transitions from smooth remixes of early 2000s classics like “Hey Ya” into bumping jams like “Where You Are,” a collab project with Vindata.

They’ll be joined by indie-electronic hotshot Wingtip, the opening act for the evening.


At a venue as intimate as The Social, the night is bound to be overflowing with feels and good vibes all around.


Giraffage and Sweater Beats “Too Real Tour” by Kristin James

MARCH 14-17, 2024


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