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COMING to ORLANDO: CORY BRANAN + Full Band w/ Andrew Kelly (Slumberjack), & Austin Young (Gary Lazer Eyes) | Copper Rocket, Maitland, FL | Tuesday, March 7, 2017

by • February 15, 2017

I’m at the corner of the bar sitting next to Cory Branan. His eyes dart as he tells me of a song on his forthcoming record, Adios. He recites the lyrics like a spoken word poem — full of angst and vitriol. The tune tells the tale of a murder from the perspective of the assailant who is a racist white cop. Branan’s passion for his craft rises to the forefront of our conversation. 

He does not yet know I am a writer. This is just a conversation between artist and fan. When it is my turn to ask questions or share, his focus is entirely on me. Branan makes you feel like you are the only person in the room, hell, in the world. When he speaks, his mind seems restless, like it needs a constant outlet. His brain gets its wish when he takes the stage at Rain Dogs in Jacksonville later.

Every Cory Branan set is fresh and vibrant — he never plays a song exactly the same way twice. His 2014 record No Hit Wonder included the accompaniment of Jason Isbell and Craig Finn, two brilliant songwriters with whom Branan has a lot in common. The likes of Amanda Shires and Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace lent their talents to his latest effort, one on which he is clearly prepared to take some chances with more conservative fans.

With this new batch of tunes, he added a nostalgic 1980’s vibe which makes its way into even his Americana-influenced back catalog. Branan tells more of a story with just his voice and a guitar than most do with a full interactive experience. The fact he is bringing a band on his upcoming tour almost seems unfair.  

Cory Branan plays The Copper Rocket in Maitland on Tuesday, March 7th. Joining him are two local frontmen going solo, Andrew Kelly (SlumberJack) and Austin Young (Gary Lazer Eyes). 

This intimate venue is likely to sell out quick, so get tickets in advance!

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I have the grin of a child discovering something new about her world plastered across my face.

You find yourself wondering if you’ve come through the fourth wall of a David Lynch film when in the presence of Andrew Kelly, which only makes the thought of his own brainscape so delectably interesting and his work in Slumberjack a damned near impossible puzzle to solve.

From the draw, Kelly offers up the sedated, effervescence of grunge rock with a coy, distorted smile. Peel some poetry from the rind. Shout sung-spoken word drips off his lips; flung with spit and vigor, he spins you deeper down the void of his twisted love songs. With the addition of a bassist, Slumberjack can better tickle that tempo line and connect fully to the undercurrent of their sound. Without a band behind him though, he is a newly minted blister — Exposed, inflamed, crying out with wounded, raw honesty. He softly sings it himself on “Grey Paper”, ‘imperfection is honesty,’ from the Slumberjack SIGT Session. Kelly shines equally betwixt avenues; et al or ala carte. He serves us solo on March 7. Lucky us.

When Austin Young plays solo, it would seem as though white sand lays at his feet. A calmness usually marked by days spent next to blue waters, seeps into the room. His normal powerhouse push vocals take a backseat and are swapped out for a stripped down, raw, sensual smoothness. He often opens for his band Gary Lazer Eyes and always sets the room at ease.

Young’s captivating aura owes just as much credit to his small beach town, goofy charm as to his musical dexterity behind the guitar. Hometown friends can always be seen at shows heckling the artist while he croons and tries not to laugh. Or maybe it’s the local drunk shouting, “Play Piano Man!!” from the corner of the bar, to which Young replies, “I don’t even have a piano up here, dude.”

No matter the environment he inhabits, Austin is able to make the space seem like a relaxed kick back on Fall break when you haven’t seen your buds in months. His SoundCloud is depths full of guitar-driven jams but my favorite turn from him is the piano ballad “Lost and Found.” His voice is smoky and drags out over the simple, haunting piano patterns in chilling fashion. Behold for yourself.

This intimate venue is likely to sell out quick, so get tickets in advance!



Cory Branan preview by Jason Earle and Sarah Schumaker edited by Matthew Weller.

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