NEW MUSIC — ANAL TRUMP: Pinback’s Rob Crow does Grindcore in 30 songs [VIDEO]

by • November 7, 2018

One of the finest pushbacks of Trump’s presidency is the San Diego collaboration of Pinback and Cattle Decapitation.

The duo, Anal Trump (Pinback’s Rob Crow and Cattle Decapitation’s Travis Ryan) have announced a new album to be released on Election Day,  November 6th 2018.

The recent release, That Makes Me Smart!, is a 3 minute, 30 song mash of grind-core beauty.  The band members are named as Rob Trump and Travis Trump, with songs titled “Grab em by the pussy,” “Ted Nugent is Cool,” and “Trump Tower Has the Best Taco Bowls.”

The new album, The First 100 Days (via Joyful Noise,) features music from EP’s as well as 30 new tracks.  All proceeds from the duo’s EPs have been donated to ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and RAINN. 

Check out a the album below as well as their Bandcamp, where all purchases will go to the Organizations listed above.

And Be sure to VOTE!

Pinback Trump Album Article by Andrew.

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