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NEWS: The Beatles | Happy 50th Birthday, Revolver!

by • August 8, 2016

Happy 50th Birthday, Revolver.

Having a favorite Beatles album is actually scientifically impossible, I think. Considering every single record set a precedent for “timelessness,” it would be far fetched to even attempt competitively ordering the songs or albums by favorites, (and there really is no reason to do so). HOWEVER, Revolver is quite possibly one of my favorite collections of songs in the world and it turns 50 this week. Happy Birthday you beautiful record, you!

Released August 5th, 1966 in the UK and August 8th in the US, Revolver went platinum five times and today, is listed as Rolling Stone Magazine’s number three album of all time, and deservedly so. Revolver contains some of my favorite Lennon guitar parts,Tomorrow Never Knows” and “She Said She Said.” Simultaneously containing some of the best songwriting ever to have been written in “Eleanor Rigby”, “Good Day Sunshine” and “I’m Only Sleeping,” I could sit here and drool all day (per usual). But, I think it’s best we all just go and listen to Revolver again right now.

I know for most of us, every day we listen to music as a reminder of The Beatles’ eternal impact on ourselves, the way we treat one another, the way we create, the way we listen. If you know someone who hasn’t yet been influenced by the Beatles (good luck) pull out your records and share one of the greatest gifts ever given to man. The combination of John, Paul, George and Ringo is an everlasting gift from the Gods of Liverpool which I will cherish like a religion until I can no longer decipher sound. Thanks again for the magic boys, we are forever indebted. 



Eleanor Rigby (duh)
Yellow Submarine (duh)
I’m Only Sleeping
Love You To
Here, There, and Everywhere
She Said She Said
Good Day Sunshine
And Your Bird Can Sing
For No One
Doctor Robert
I Want to Tell You
Tomorrow Never Knows
Got To Get You Into My Life

(Yeah, that’s the whole track list.)

NEWS: The Beatles | Happy 50th Birthday, Revolver! by Sean Gray



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