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LIVE REVIEW: Perfume Genius | The Social, Orlando, FL | Monday, October 16, 2017

by • October 19, 2017

Seattle based, Mike Hadreas is a performer to be reckoned with.

Taking the stage as Perfume Genius, Hadreas flaunts his voice, his

ability to absolutely (clap emoji) shut it (clap emoji) down dancing,”

and what seems to be a pure love of the magic contained in a live show.

Aside from hearing Perfume Genius on XM and seeing the name on line ups across the world,  I was drawn to attending the show based on videos I had seen from iii points festival, which he performed at the night before.

Perfume Genius iii points

Perfume Genius at iii Points 2017 in Miami, FL.

Hadreas absolutely owned the stage, physically and vocally.”

He was accompanied by a three piece band, that brought to life huge beats and synth based tracks which oozed intimacy.  It felt like kismet that a Perfume Genius show should be at The Social; a small crowded room full of people focused on very personal music in a very personal venue. Perfume Genius + The Social is a match made in heaven. Hopefully for us, he’ll be back at in that space sometime soon. Although, I quite doubt it, given how his career has been trending as of late.

It’s worth noting that Blake Mills (Alabama Shakes, Dawes, Fiona Apple) produced the most recent Perfume Genius album No Shape, which, is the latest in a discography riddled with acclaim. His single “Slip Away,” received a good deal of radio attention. and has become one of his more popular songs of all time. Definitely a good place to start if you’re unfamiliar.  

Thank you guys for cheering when I showed my ass, you don’t know how many shows we play where no one cheers.”

Hadreas should probably teach everyone how to dance. If I could dance like that, I would literally never stop.

Orlando loves Hadreas and his moniker Perfume Genius alike, and for good reason. A killer live show, chock full of beautiful floating synths, rock n’ roll drops united with a Mercury/Jagger style stage presence. Get out and see Perfume Genius in a city near you, if it’s not too late!


LIVE REVIEW: Perfume Genius at The Social by Sean Gray

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