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ALBUM REVIEW: Boston Manor — ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’

by • September 5, 2018

Boston Manor’s second full-length album, Welcome to the Neighbourhood, brings their explosive sound from the first record, Be Nothing, but is a step in a whole new direction. This step is matched with talk of important and serious issues.

I’m just trying to draw attention to a few issues,” singer Henry Cox says. “The things that are important to my generation are just so trivial in my eyes, but who am I to say? I can’t really offer any immediate solutions, but I can try to throw a bucket of cold water on some of my peers, to just get them to feel more and think more and not be so apathetic.”

Boston Manor Album Review 2018

“Welcome to the Neighborhood,” not only serves as the title track, but sets a scene which, the entire album carries throughout its entirety in eerie synths and dramatic beats. It’s a tense beginning to an album that stays just as swelling and affective. Lyrically, it’s transparent, but lures the listener in to want more.

“Flowers In Your Dustbin” is an extremely poetic way of saying someone is toxic through its aggressive undertones and heavy guitars. This message is important and universal. It is upbeat and punchy but lyrically strong, yet dark. It may just be my favorite on the album.

“Halo” is the first single off the album, and is the summation of “Welcome the Neighborhood.” It’s perfect to listen to while driving down a highway on a rainy night. The energy of the song makes you take notice quickly. The first time I listened to “Halo,” I was bouncing and headbanging along to its contagiousness.

“England’s Dreaming” is- exactly as the title suggests- dreamy and driving. It is the perfect example of Boston Manor’s ability to materialize a sonic version of their hometown, Blackpool.

I absolutely love “Funeral Party.” I think anyone of this generation can connect to the words and the overall incensed tone of the song’s heavy drums and dramatic vocals. It is a song full of begging and wishing to be more. It comes off as this simple song, but when you dig down into the lyrics, it’s a voice which feels like they are destined to fail. “Give me something to do. Give me a job. Give me something to prove,” feels like something you can find in one of my notebooks on a day where I just hate the world I live in.

“Digital Ghost” is a growing fire. It’s hot and loud, and so powerful. All you can do is sit back and watch it burn.

Lyrically, I can heavily relate to “Tunnel Vision.”

You’re a mess that I should’ve cleaned,”

brings me right back to that one ex-boyfriend I feel like I can never mentally get rid of. The song, through its lyrics and substantial, rock sound, throws old memories and angry nostalgia my way.

Right away, at first listen, “Bad Machine” is an outlier on the album. It surprisingly starts acoustic and soft, but then, kicks into the album’s dark instrumental rhythm. It continues to play back and forth between the soft instrumental and gritty rock. This definitely sets it apart and gives it a voice the other songs do not have.

“If I Can’t Have It No One Can” is absolutely a boastful anthem. It’s gritty, raw, and exudes confidence. This confidence has been earned and proved throughout the rest of the album. This track stands out to me because it is a direct antithesis to the overall feeling of the other songs. While those were eerie and resentful, this one is cocky and assured. The song is also partially inspired by a misunderstanding with police officers.

“Hate You” is full of raw hatred, but takes that hatred and turns it into something beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

“FY1” is an unearthly interlude that goes right into “Stick Up,” which, is a song I really love. It’s tempo and smoothness had me reeling. Lyrically, it is one of my favorites on the album.

“The Day I Ruined Your Life” is a great way to end an album. It is extremely relatable and tugs at the heartstrings.

Even though it has its moments where it explodes into a flaming passion with nihilistic undertones, it is tragically ethereal.”

There is a cohesiveness and theme to the overall sound of the album, but each track brings its own lyrically unique  topic and issue to the table. It is a raw, passionate, and dynamic album. This record turned me from someone who only knew Boston Manor by name, to an extremely huge fan.

Bravo, boys.

Make sure to follow them closely for tour updates, so you can mosh in your city when they come through!

Boston Manor Album Review 2018


Boston Manor Album Review by Ally Rose.




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