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by • April 21, 2015

There’s a conversation I like to rewind, revisit and replay, one that happened over a decade ago. The gist of it: that the great American rock band is practically extinct. Try as you might to come up with a group of solid players, there aren’t a whole lot out there still doing what so many bands once did … still creating, still evolving, still touring, still mattering … still managing to make themselves relevant as time marches forward.

This conversation-that-bordered-on-arguing did allow my friend and I to come to one solid conclusion and it’s this: Wilco is a great American rock band. They’re of that dying breed. They may be the very greatest at what it is they do. Their songs are good, their albums are solid, their fans are more-or-less rabid … and all for good reason.

Wilco Orlando Hard Rock Live

What other band has earned its audience without ever landing a radio hit? What other was dropped by its label after recording a record, then brought back by a smaller label within that label, before eventually leaving to start its own? Who else has their own on-again, off-again music festival, handpicking their personal favorite acts? Who still believes in—and leans hard on—guitar solos anymore? Who lays claim to some of the vaguest rock lyrics ever set to music?

I like Wilco. I love Wilco. I love each member of the band like he’s a weird estranged family member I’ll never get rid of. In fact, the only lyrics I’ve ever wanted to tattoo on my body come from one of their lyrics. And I once flew to the Catskills and slept in a forest, just so I could see them play a couple gigs in the mud and rain. Would I bleed for them? Yes (and especially if that tattoo happens). Will I ever get tired of all they do? My sources say no.

But don’t take my word for it. They’re in Florida three times in April: Tallahassee, Orlando (win tix below), and St. Augustine. Choose your city, music lovers. Or make the best choice of all: Go to all three shows for maximum enjoyment. Just think of the stories you’ll be able to tell your kids one day. Do it for the kiddos. Do it for America!










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Wilco Preview by Dainon.

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