Welcome To Rockville 2021 Artist Breakdown

Welcome To Rockville 2021 — Artist Breakdown

by • November 8, 2021

Here is your Welcome to Rockville 2021 Artist Breakdown! Welcome to Rockville 2021 is coming to Daytona Beach Thursday, November 11 through Sunday, November 14. Charging through all the bull$hit, full steam ahead in an effort to bring Floridians, and rock fans willing to travel to Florida, the chance to forget about our troubles for an epic weekend of rock, heavy metal, and moshing. In order to have the best time at this epic event, you need to know about each artist. Let’s start with your headliners.

Welcome To Rockville 2021 Artist Breakdown

METALLICA /// Metallica is the biggest heavy metal band on the planet. Formed in ‘81 by Hetfield (vocals, guitar) and Ulrich (drums) the band has sold more than 125 Million records worldwide. Changing rock by enhancing the intricacies of thrash, and speed rock, they paved the way for all the bands listed below them. Touring with a huge fan base, Metallica seems to only play stadiums and racetracks now. At Rockville 2021, they play Friday and Sunday for your moshing pleasure.

DISTURBED /// Prepare for heavy metal, rock and explosive energy from Chicago’s Disturbed. Rocking the f*ck out since ‘94, this group will have the whole festival, “Down with the Sickness.” They’ve sold 17 Million records worldwide and had five consecutive number one albums on the Billboard 200. The combination of vocalist David Draiman’s infectious singing and Mike Wengren’s incredible drumming makes the set a must see!

SLIPKNOT /// When you combine heavy metal and nu metal, you get the best “Duality” in a band you could ask for! Slipknot’s own mix of the two was formed in Des Moines, Iowa in ‘95. This 9-member collective has had a bunch of members, but none more important than, Shawn Crahan (percussion), and Joey Jordison (drums), who started it all.

LYNYRD SKYNYRD /// Iconic Americana rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd has been performing since ‘64. Only sporting one remaining original member, guitarist Gary Rossington, this aging act might be on their last go around. Make sure you check them out so you can finally shout “Freebird” at a show without getting dirty looks.

ROB ZOMBIE /// This guy is scary good. Heavy metal, industrial rock, and shock are on the menu for this delicious set. He’s famous for his long hair and beard as well as his song, “Highway 65.” He’s got seven studio albums, comic books, and killer movies. This is not a performance you want to miss. The shocking spectacle alone will be worth the price of admission.

THE OFFSPRING /// The Offspring have been playing skater, punk rock for their fans since ‘84. Guitarist Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman has released ten studio albums with the band over the last 37 years. Expect them to play a good bit from their latest album (February ‘21) Let the Bad Times Roll. This set will definitely be a Smash!

A DAY TO REMEMBER /// Post-Hardcore rockers, A Day to Remember are known for their intense growling, screaming, heavy bass. Their double kick drums will get your blood pumping as you swim circles in the pit. ADTR was founded in Ocala, FL back in ‘03 and has put out seven studio albums, including their latest, You’re Welcome (March ‘21).

CYPRESS HILL /// Representing South Gate, California, Cypress Hill has sold over 20 Million albums worldwide. They bring West coast hip-hop, with a Latin flair to this massive Daytona Beach party. Formed in ‘88: they are still making music, last dropping an album, Elephants on Acid, in 2018. If you miss them you are “Insane in the Brain!”

SOCIAL DISTORTION /// Fullerton, California’s own, punk rock band was formed in ‘78 and still kicks ass. They have evolved from a hardcore punk band into something more country and bluesy, especially after their brief hiatus in the 80’s. Mike Ness (lead vocals, lead guitar) is the only member to stick around the whole time and continues to follow where the music takes him! As Mike would say, that’s the “Story of My Life.”

MUDVAYNE /// Hailing from the little-big town of Perioria, Illinois, Mudvayne shares their brand of heavy and nu metal with the world. This fearsome foursome is best known for their hit songs, “Happy” and “Dig.” They are just returning from a decade on hiatus and look to bring the heat back to the stage.

LAMB OF GOD (BURN THE PRIEST) /// Get ready to thrash with Richmond’s Lamb of God. They have produced ten studio albums with killer guitar riffs and lots of double bass drum action for your listening pleasure. Over time, their primal sounds in “Redneck,” “Set to Fall,” “In Your Words,” “Ghost Walking,” and “512” are good enough for Grammy nods for Best Metal Performance. Their ‘09 composition, Wrath won Metal Hammer Golden Gods Award for Best Album. Surely they’ve done it again with their 2020 self titled release, Lamb of God.

Now that we have our headliners broken down, let’s start on the daily lineup, beginning with Thursday!


STONE TEMPLE PILOTS /// Arguably the most successful rock band in the 90’s, STP released its first album, Core, in ‘92 to big success. They sold 40 million records and put out eight albums, none bigger than Purple in ‘94. But, just because these guys were great then doesn’t mean they’ve fallen off. In fact, they have gotten better with their thoughtful ‘20 offering, Perdida, which is Spanish for Lost. Don’t be a fly in the “Vasoline,” and get to this set early!

GOJIRA /// France’s premiere technical death metal group has been making music since ‘96 when they were called Godzilla. Their ‘17 album, Magma, was good enough for a Grammy nomination (Best Rock Album) and a Metal Hammer Golden Gods Award win (Best Album). A frequent supporter of environmental causes, Gojira even has a $4M Sea Sheppard Conservation Society interceptor vessel named after the band, MV Gojira. Get progressive rock on stage and progressive information at their merch table.

grandson /// Jordan Benjamin blurs the lines between rock, hip hop, and electronic music. A 27 year old Canadian who released his first EP, A Modern Tragedy Vol in ‘18 and followed it up the next year with, A Modern Tragedy Vol 2. His hit single, “Blood // Water” made it onto American charts; and his newest work, Death of an Optimist, arrived December of 2020 with an existential look at the world.

DOROTHY /// Vocalist Dorothy Martin is fierce. She and the boys of Dorothy began their trip down the brick road from L.A. in ‘13 when Martin and guitarist Mark Jackson were introduced by her cousin. Aiming for simplicity to keep the focus on her sharp singing, the band employs basic bass lines and classic guitar riffs as the foundation of their rock ‘n’ roll. Can’t wait for her “Raise Hell” and to take us all “Down to the Bottom.”

DEAD SARA /// Come for their huge hit, “Weatherman,” but stay for their brand new rockin’ ‘21 album, Ain’t It Tragic. A Los Angeles product, this three piece is named after a misheard lyric from Fleetwood Mac’s “Sara,” citing singer/songwriter Stevie Nicks as a major influence for the group. First performing in ‘05 this band is still on the rise in the post-hardcore scene.

SPIRITBOX /// Badass vocalist Courtney LaPlante leads this rockin’ British Columbia four piece. Founded in ‘16, self titled EP in ‘17, and constant flood of singles brought the band to their peak here in ‘21. Now, their new metalcore and post-metal album, Eternal Blue (‘21) is attracting new fans by the truckload.

JERIS JOHNSON /// Tik Tokker Jeris Johnson has a cult following of millions on his socials. First blowing up in 2020 for reworking Papa Roach’s “Last Resort,” to the acclaim of the band and others, he has progressed to find his own sound of rock, rap, and metal. His newest track, “damn!” is sure to get the party started!

BRASS AGAINST /// Over the past two years, New York’s Brass Against has kept rock alive with searing covers of Rage Against the Machines, Tool, Audioslave, Black Sabbath and many more. A rotating cast of musicians create spectacular versions of classic rock and heavy metal songs. It’s the music you never knew you needed but won’t be able to go without after WTR ‘21! These guys are the real deal with two Sold Out European tours under their belt, you’ll be begging for more at the end of their set. It’s the horniest protest music you’ve ever heard.

TEENAGE WRIST /// Have alternative rock, will travel! Teenage Wrist will join us at WTR ‘21 all the way from Los Angeles, bringing their upbeat, emo grunge to the masses. Just two members make up this emerging group: Anthony Salazar on drums and Marechall Gallagher on guitar. And as many albums produced as well: Chrome Neon Jesus (‘18) & Earth is a Black Hole (‘21).

NASCAR ALOE /// nascar aloe is not your normal rapper. Rising up to the top of the underground scene, aloe has put out bangers like “FEET!” And “AMERICAN WASTELAND.”
Come for the rapping/screaming, but stay for that 808 BASS.

SIIICKBRAIN /// Caroline Miner Smith, better known as Siiickbrain is a rising singer in the alternative indie/emo scene. A writer, model, and manager she hails from conservative Morganton, NC. She has emerged from the shackles of her mental tie downs to produce a bunch of great songs like “…GASLIGHT!” And “HELLSLIDE.”

DANA DENTATA /// Co-signed by Kanye West and Marilyn Manson, this former stripper turned rapper has created her own version of gear-grinding, hip-hop. Sparks will fly when she plays, “DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?,” as well as the title track from her album, pantychrist.

BLAME MY YOUTH /// Sean Van Vleet is sneaky good. He’s a former songwriter for the indie group, Empires. Van Vleet wrote songs for advertisements and products before he returned to assemble a band to play his tunes. You might have heard their song, “Right Where You Belong” in the Bill & Ted Face the Music soundtrack.

CONTRACULT COLLECTIVE /// Blistering to the top of the next wave of industrial metal bands is Conttracult Collective. Dropping their debut full length album in 2020, CC’s Svart and Culprit hope to stand apart with their more intense and aggressive sound. Their songs, “WDYT (What Did You Think)” and “plunge” will grow on you like a rash you can’t soothe. “Follow” if you dare!


CHEVELLE /// Let’s be honest. We all wanna be on the rail for “The Red.” Huge hits: “Send the Pain Below,” and “Face to the Floor” are also on the menu for this understated musical powerhouse. Platinum and Gold records adorn their walls with seventeen songs hitting the top 10 on charts, 8 studio albums, as well as over 4 million records sold world wide. Nu Metal, post-grunge, and hard rock are all strong suits for this Illinois three piece.

PENNYWISE /// SoCal’s Pennywise has been crushing punk rock and skater punk since ‘88. So far they have 12 studio albums and one live album to boot. Rising to fame in ‘95 with the album, About Time, they are staying relevant with ‘18’s Never Gunna Die. Named for the clown in Stephen King’s It, Pennywise is sure to sneak up on you with a scary good time.

BEARTOOTH /// This post-hardcore powerhouse will have you soaked in sweat, smiling from ear to ear as you take in your fill of Columbus, Ohio’s best in melodic hardcore. They have four studio albums and won the ‘16 Metal Hammer Golden God Award for Best Breakthrough Band. Slapping you in the face with their stinging guitar riffs and powerful bass lines, Beartooth’s newest album, Below (June ‘21), is a “pure distillation of rage—weaponizing its deceptively radio-ready bombast to deliver stone cold truth missives, each packed like a bomb with noisy rock chaos.”

STARSET /// A collective of media visionaries, STARSET has carved its own path with compelling storytelling along with cinematic rock to provide a truly immersive entertainment experience. Columbus, Ohio has never been the same after Dustin Bates (vocals, keys) formed this rock band in ‘13. LEAVING THIS WORLD BEHIND is their latest album going supernova. It joins four other studio albums on its way to explaining the future of rock.

WAGE WAR /// Ocala’s own metalcore band started dropping bombs in ‘10 under the name Empires. Since then they have produced four full length albums, including their latest, Manic (Oct. ‘21). Come get gnashed by Seth Blake’s guitar and battered by Stephen Kluesener’s drums!

ICE NINE KILLS /// Singer Spencer Charnas is a sick man. Possessed from an early age to make hardcore, punk, and metal music. His band, Ice Nine Kills celebrates undead slashers, fright, and horror with their albums. The Silver Scream and I Heard They KILL Live are great examples that this group is not well. Come to this set and see how a metal band from Salem, MA. has been doin’ it since ‘00.

AYRON JONES /// Bringing grunge and soul from Seattle, WA guitarist and songwriter, Ayron Jones blends rock, hip hop and other genres together for his own special sound. His album Child of the State came out in May of ‘21 with “Take Me Away” becoming the hit off of this tasty record. Inspired by big time guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Prince, Jones formed a trio in ‘10 that was eventually discovered by Sir Mix-A-Lot.

AMIGO THE DEVIL /// Singer, songwriter Danny Kiranos will gladly take you on a tour of his demons with a sinister smile on his face. His candidly dark narrative on top of desolate folk music is quite chilling. Muderfolk, as his style has come to be known, developed from old country Western songs and dusty bluegrass. After his first two albums in ‘18, he recently rode to town with his new record: Born Against (April ‘21)

BAD OMENS /// Frontman Noah Sebastian and guitarist Nick Ruffilo are bringing to Rockville ‘21, LA’s finest alternative metalcore. This heavy metal band will punish you with their searing guitar riffs while belting you with bright anthems. Bad Omens has 3 studio albums and their ‘21 live album, LIVE.

ZERO 9:36 /// Zero 9:36 is a rapper, singer, and musician who lays down all the anger and angst he picked up growing up in Philadelphia, PA. Dark beats mixed with rockin’ guitars help him to formulate his own brand of aggressive, electronically charged music. His latest single (Aug. ‘21), “Warrior,” with Atreyu and Travis Barker is a headbanger!

HYRO THE HERO /// Hyron Fenton Jr. is comin’ in hot! He brings from LA, a hip hop, punk, and heavy metal fusion that will blow your hair back. Fenton has been on tour with Deftones and has put out two albums: Birth School, Work, Death (‘11), & Flagged Channel (‘18). In 2021, he has singles with Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills and Brandon Saller of Atreyu. Not to mention his biggest song on Spotify right now, FU2 featuring AJ Channer of Fire From the Gods.

TALLAH /// Drummer Max Portnoy and nu metal friends formed Tallah in ‘17 and recorded their first EP, No One Should Read This. After adding YouTube sensation, screamer Justin Bonitz to the mix in ‘18 the band would produce one full length heavy album, Matriphagy (‘20), as well as a second EP this year, Talladin. Come watch Bonitz channel horror movie villains in his epic performance during their sinister set.

AUSTIN MEADE /// Chief of Sinners is a hell of a first impression. Meade’s first full length album came out in ‘14 with sounds harking back to his childhood listening to americana and classic rock with his dad. Moving to Austin and forming a band were all steps to putting out his second big single, “Heartbreak Coming.” A beautiful blend of country and rock ‘n’ roll awaits you at this set.

BUTCHER BABIES /// A heavy metal band from LA, Butcher Babies have been on a tear since releasing their debut album, Goliath, in July of ‘13. Their particular brand of groove or alternative metal model themselves after Pantera, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and headliner Slipknot. Their name is taken from the Plasmatics song, “Butcher Baby.”


ASKING ALEXANDRIA /// Bringing heavy metal and metalcore from across the pond, AA released their debut album, Stand Up and Scream, in ‘09 before dropping six more albums in regular fashion. Their most recent, See What’s on the Inside, was released on Oct. 1. Lead singer Ben Bruce has evolved as a song writer, becoming more mature as this international group lays down their metalcore for the masses.

GWAR /// Formed in Richmond, VA in ‘84 this long standing heavy metal band has rolled with the punches. Carrying on the legacy of rock from members before, this band of all new musicians honors the memory of the late great frontman Dave Brockie who passed away in ‘14. Dressing as intergalactic warriors, this sci-fi themed band is a sight to see.

BAD FLOWER /// Singer Josh Katz and lead guitarist Joey Morrow lead this LA based rock band. Named Apple Artist of the Week after they dropped their ‘16 EP Temper, Badflower later followed up with their debut album, OK, I’m Sick, in ‘19. This up and coming group has a lot to offer with music flowing like wine.

FEVER 333 /// A product of Inglewood, CA this rock group has been raising fans’ temperatures since ‘17. A conglomeration of other bands, this three piece features Jason Butler on vocals, guitarist Stephen Harrison and drummer Aric Improta. The 333 stands for their three core principles: community, charity, and change.

ATREYU /// Formed in ‘88 in Orange County, CA, Atreyu features the clean vocals of Brandon Saller and the “unclean” vocals of Marc “Porter” McKnight. This comes after a nasty parting with former singer, Alex Varkatzas in 2020. Their hardcore rock mixed with hip hop and pop make them a mainstay in this community. Check out their newest album, Baptize, which was released this year.

CROWN THE EMPIRE /// Metalcore from Dallas, TX, Crown the Empire was formed in ‘10 and has four studio albums. Leaving vocalist Dave Escamilla behind in ‘16, CtE has taken a more professional approach since. Last year they released a ten year anniversary all acoustic album in honor of their first performance together.

SICK PUPPIES /// You might know them from their huge ‘06 hit “All the Same” supporting the Free Hugs Campaign. You might know them if you live in their hometown of Sydney, Australia. You will definitely know them by the end of the festival as these guys know how to rock. Since then they have added singer-guitarist Bryan Scott and are ready to rock!

ALL GOOD THINGS /// Accidental rockstars AGT didn’t set out to make the main stage. They simply wanted to license their music on some games or movies and make a humble living. The internet had other plans and this group has blossomed thanks to their hit song, “For the Glory.” Come check out their big LA sound.

JOYOUS WOLF /// Blake Allard belting out huge guitar solos will be the norm at this rock ‘n’ roll show. Bluesy songs as well will be on the menu as lead singer Nick Reese wows you with his showmanship. Formed in ‘14 in Orange County, CA these guys have a big sound and act like rock stars already. Make sure you catch their song, “Fearless!”

FAME ON FIRE /// Finding fortune by mixing rock, hip hop, and heavy guitar FOF has honestly and boldly been themselves. Delivering a powerful collection of songs on their debut album, LEVELS, they are self-made all the way. They even recorded their hit song, “Her Eyes” in their own studio. A mainstay on SiriusXM’s Octane channel the sky is the limit for this fearsome foursome.

DEAD POET SOCIETY /// A highbrow rocker who met his band mates at Berklee, Jack Underkofler remarks, “There is no structure to art.” Studying music in all its theoretical glory, DPS magnified their studies by producing the album, !. Pronounced “The Exclamation Album” it came out March of ‘21.


MASTODON /// Inspired by frozen prehistoric elephants, this heavy metal band from Atlanta, GA is here to warm you up! Releasing a total of eight studio albums including their latest, Hushed and Grim just weeks ago (Oct. ‘21). These guys won a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance in ‘18 for “Sultans Curse.” They are also highly decorated by Metal Storm Awards as well as Metal Hammer Golden God Awards. Needless to say, this set will rock!

ANTHRAX /// New York City’s finest heavy metal band was formed in ‘81. Scott Ian (guitar) and Dan Lilker (bass) helped lead the way in thrash through the 80’s. They are considered to be one of the Big Four thrash bands with Metallica (Friday & Sunday), Megadeth, and Slayer. All of their albums are great, from Fistful of Metal (‘84) to For All Kings (‘16).

FALLING IN REVERSE /// Orgininally named ‘From Behind These Walls’ because lead vocalist Ronnie Radke was incarcerated but they shifted to Falling in Reverse shortly after breaking out of Las Vegas, NV. They have four albums on the books, the latest, Coming Home, was released in April ‘17. Winners of multiple Alternative Press and Kerrang! Awards, Falling in Reverse is a band worth catching at WTR!

DANCE GAVIN DANCE /// Post-hardcore, progressive rockers DGD are from Sacramento, CA. They have released a bunch of albums with the most recent being, Afterburner (‘20). Trust that these guys will turn you into a guy named Gavin and have you dancin’ all night.

SLEEPING WITH SIRENS /// Hometown rockers, Sleeping With Sirens is a conglomerate of two former bands, For All We Know and Paddock Park. This emo, pop-punk screamo group hopes to blow your hair back with their award winning music. Formed in ‘09, SWS has six studio albums, including their latest, How It Feels to Be Lost (‘19).

CODE ORANGE /// Representing Pittsburg, PA, Code Orange is a hardcore punk band. They have four studio albums under their belt, including 2020’s Underneath. Winners of multiple Breakthrough awards in ‘18, this tasty five-piece meal was formed in ‘08 as the Code Orange Kids.

JELLY ROLL /// Arguably the greatest wedding band in the history of Philadelphia, Jelly Roll has been dominating social events and they are ready to take on the big stages of Rockville. Performing at huge events before like the Democratic National Convention in ‘16 has readied them for this moment! Their mix of high energy dance and party music will push them to the top of bands you see this weekend.

FIRE FROM THE GODS /// Austin, TX offers up their rap metal band consisting of vocalist AJ Channer and guitarists Drew Walker and Jameson Teat. Rocking three studio albums, FFTG’s latest release, American Sun, came out in ‘19.

THE WARNING /// Led by the Villarreal sisters, Daniela, Paulina, and Alejandra first gained attention for their ‘14 cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” Since then they have five studio albums. They played the big stages in the west, now its time for them to bring their brand of rock to Florida.

GOODBYE JUNE /// Hard driving beats and blues infused rock are on the menu for this Nashville alternative rock band. Inspired by Led Zepplin and Jimi Hendrix these guys know how to rock. Hopefully they play music off of their upcoming album, See Where The Night Goes.

ALIEN WEAPONRY /// Bringing their thrash flavors from down under, this New Zealand trio was formed in ‘10. Singing partly in their native Māori language, “Urutaa” is a great example of their distinct sound. Fitting in with the headliners, their groove metal is reminiscent of Metallica or Lamb of God.

Hopefully this gives your a little more insight as to what to expect from each artist! Make sure you catch your local heros on the Twitch stage to discover some new talent. Have fun. Stay hydrated. Stay warm. And see you in the pit at Welcome To Rockville in Daytona Beach!

Welcome To Rockville 2021 Artist Breakdown by Spencer Storch.

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