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“I WANT TO BE WITH YOU ALL NIGHT”| Vacationer Live Review & Concert Photos w/ Great Good Fine Ok | Crowbar, Tampa | September 22, 2015

by • September 30, 2015

From the first funky beat drop, I knew that Vacationer belonged in Florida. Never mind their Philadelphia origins, their indie foundation, or their vibrant aural flavors that induced rhythmic swaying. Lead vocalist/bassist Kenny Vasoli agreed (kinda):

Most of our album covers are from Florida, so there’s that.”

I was 99.9% convinced that I wanted to dance with Vasoli to “Paradise Waiting” until all of the chill vibes faded away. Not that Vacationer would ever allow that.

In fact, the seeping, mellow energy that oozed through Crowbar was transformative. Even Vasoli pointed out the exceptionally chill vibes. With the rushing element of a work week, I felt like I had an actual vacation on a Tuesday with the blues-y, calming presence that Vacationer emitted.

We’ve all got a license to chill. I just wanted to let you know that I like you.”

Boy, I REALLY LIKE YOU TOO. Playing tracks from newer album, Relief, I was immediately swept into a time machine of ’60s-influenced indie rock with “Good as New.” Vacationer is nothing short of classic brilliance brought forward with modern blending, a “Shining” beacon with enticing rhythm.

Vacationer Live Review

I left feeling inspired to go crate digging for more tropic-inspired indie. They’re enticing and mood-fitting with the exact vitality I crave. Vacationer is meditation you can dance to with a clacking, mystic “Trip” to whisk worries away.

Unassuming magic was cast in the performance of opener Great Good Fine Ok. Often unacknowledged as a feat, the packed bar began to clap along to the indie pop band without the slightest suggestion from the performers. I always see that as a special victory — the audience tells the band they love them without the cheesy stage begging often seen by Top 40 artists today.

That’s the gift — Great Good Fine Ok was everything pop stars wish they were. Blend the indie elements of The 1975 with unique vocals reminiscent of Adam Levine, and you still wouldn’t have the creative, pounding energy that Great Good Fine Ok oozed. To put it simply: the Brooklyn band is better. Give “Not Going Home” a listen, and you’ll forget all about all the indie-pop wannabes.

My heart belonged to GGFO the moment saxophone pierced the performance, heightening the throwback elements with modern pop bursts. The sax was in fact a special treat — the band member was from Miami and only playing the special Florida shows. SCORE.

On a side note, there were glowing green drumsticks that lit up like tiny lightsabers. Geek points to Starling. 😎 I settled-in for the quirky, synth-y “By Your Side.”

By the end of the night, I wanted to find a spot to lie “In the Grass” with Vacationer. As long as Great Good Fine Ok brought the sax.

Vacationer Live Review by Amanda Starling, edited by Matthew Weller.
Vacationer Concert Photos by Brian Schanck

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