TICKET GIVEAWAY: GWAR | Venue 578 (Formally Firestone Live) | Coming December 5, 2014

by • December 1, 2014

While working for The Social Street Team I had the opportunity to go to a bunch of shows that I normally wouldn’t pay to see. A little over two years ago I saw GWAR for the first time at The Beacham. I had always heard they were crazy live but I had no idea what was in store for me.

As I walked through the doors of The Beacham I noticed that the entire place was covered in plastic tarps including both bars at the front of the venue. Once GWAR took the stage it was utter mayhem. While on stage that night, GWAR “sacrificed” many public figures and some of those who fit into stereotypes, like skinheads, and they even gave the reality star, Snooki, a grotesque abortion. Their shock value is incomparable to any other. It was one of the craziest nights of my life and I promised myself at that point that I would never miss GWAR again.

Norsekorea Presents and For Your Friends Booking, are bringing GWAR to  Venue 578 in Orlando, FL on Wednesday, December 3, 2014 (win tickets below).

The singer at the time was Oderus Urungus (AKA Dave Brockie), who sadly passed away earlier this year. Without their leader, the future of GWAR was left uncertain. Several months later GWAR announced two comeback shows. The first was at their annual GWAR-B-Q  at Hadad’s Lake in Richmond, Virginia where they had a viking funeral for Oderus Urungus. At this show GWAR introuduced their new singer Blothar (see below, kinda NSFW).

GWAR Blothar

Their second show back with Blothar was Riot Fest in Chicago. At that point I didn’t know if I would ever see GWAR again so I flew to Chicago for the show. Not only was it one of the greatest festivals that I have ever been to, but GWAR absolutely killed it (no pun intended). I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about a GWAR show without Oderus but Blothar really proved himself. He sounded really great and the theatrics were just as bloody as ever. They started off by “killing” a famous political figure, followed by a hippie, then a skinhead. They finished the show by shoving a sword through the top of a giant T-Rex’s head. Shortly after the show GWAR announced their return to the road with the “Eternal Tour” which arrives in Orlando this Friday December 5, 2014 (win tickets below).

Check out this amazing GWAR cover of “West End Girls” by Pet Shop Boys!










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